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About Us

The Academic General Pediatrics, Child Development, & Community Health Division

Our mission is to provide excellence in patient care, research, education and service especially as related to developmental and behavioral problems in children and to child health disparities. We strive to accomplish our mission while embracing the core values of community, family, respect, responsibility, and diversity.

The Academic General Pediatrics, Child Development & Community Health Division led by Dr. Sheila Gahagan focuses on clinical care, medical education, research, and health promotion in the community. Dr. Sheila Gahagan, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and epidemiologist who holds the Martin T. Stein, Endowed Chair in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, leads the division, which has 21 faculty members, 8 adjunct faculty members, and 5 fellows, 4 in developmental-behavioral pediatric fellows, and one in academic general pediatrics and adolescent health.

The division also has 52 research and health promotion staff, over half with advanced degrees. The division's clinical mission is three-fold:

  1. to provide a medical home from birth through adolescence including those with complex chronic conditions;
  2. to provide consultative care to promote breast feeding for premature infants; and
  3. to provide evidence-based developmental-behavioral pediatric evaluation and treatment to children from birth to 21-years old.

The research focus is to understand and test interventions for a range of common health problems related to community conditions and health disparities. Educating undergraduate students, medical students, pediatric residents, fellows in developmental-behavioral pediatrics, child psychiatry, and post-doctoral research fellows is an important mission of the division.

The Division's combined clinical, research, and educational efforts have resulted in ongoing local and global collaborations, including long-term work with San Diego-based community clinics and health agencies, and vibrant academic-research partnerships locally, across the U.S., and in Chile and Mexico.

The Division consists of 3 sections:

  1. Academic General Pediatrics (including Adolescent Medicine and the Children's Travel Clinic
  2. Center for Community Health
  3. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics


Sheila Gahagan, M.D., M.P.H, Division Chief