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Sections Overview

The General Academic Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine Section staffs the only academic primary care pediatric office for children residing in San Diego County and provides the main clinical general pediatric teaching site for University of California, San Diego (UCSD) medical students and pediatric residents.

Academic General Pediatrics

The Mission of the Academic General Pediatrics Section is to continue teaching the current and future generations of physicians by providing excellent primary care to children, youth, and families of all economic backgrounds in San Diego County and surrounding communities.
We accomplish our unique purpose by:
- Providing a developmental approach to the care of patients and families from infancy through young adulthood, including those with complex or chronic medical, behavioral, and/or psychosocial problems
- Teaching learners at all levels including patients and families, community groups, medical students, physicians-in-training, other health professionals, community physicians, academic physicians, and physicians in the local community
- Participation in innovative research studies to benefit learners, the academic community, and society as a whole
- Reaching out to local communities, including underserved populations, with clinical and teaching program involvement while stressing health promotion and preventive care and respecting local culture and traditions
- Running programs which provide comprehensive services for well newborns from the moment of birth to the first visit at the permanent medical home
- Offering special adolescent physician services to teens and young adults
- Providing leadership to ensure that appropriate quality controlled teaching techniques are being practiced by our faculty and ensuring that community faculty to do the same
 - Being as cost-effective in care delivery as possible and being cost aware at all times

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

The primary goal of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at UCSD is to provide outstanding evidence-based developmental-behavioral pediatric education to medical students, residents and fellows. The 3 subspecialty board certified developmental-behavioral pediatricians have expertise in a broad range of problems from infancy through adolescence. Our clinical practice is designed to give our trainees broad clinical experience in our specialty. In addition, we are involved in disseminating best clinical practices to child health providers through regular publication of “Challenging Cases” in The Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Our secondary goal is to develop strategies to improve access to Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric care by developing new systems of care involving primary care physicians, and other developmental specialists. Our third goal is to advance the science in our field through collaborative research.

Center for Community Health

The Center for Community Health promotes evidence-based health practices at the community level. We achieve this goal largely through translational research, translating advances from basic science and clinical research into the community. Changes in health outcomes can only occur when we take community systems into account including how populations accept and integrate new health information, preventive efforts and treatment. Violence prevention, obesity prevention and intervention, evidence-based asthma management, and immunization delivery all serve as examples of health issues with research-proven preventive strategies. However, these strategies all too often remain absent or poorly accepted in community settings. For example, many at-risk children lack access to the latest research-proven programs. We invite you to view a list of our current research projects.

Faculty and staff at the UCSD Pediatric Center for Community Health work in multiple settings including our research center in City Heights, at the San Diego County Health Department or in the field. The Center for Community Health reaches many traditionally medically underserved populations of children and youths and their families. In addition, we educate researchers, clinicians, pediatric residents, and students (undergraduate, graduate, and medical) to ensure successful community involvement. Activities take place in a variety of settings such as clinical practices, schools, family resource centers, Women Infants and Children (WIC) sites, child care settings (including Head Start), and other community-based organizations that serve diverse populations. The Center for Community Health leads local programs as well as programs that operate nationally and internationally. Many projects have received national recognition for innovation, such as some of our community-based projects: Communities Putting Prevention to Work, Network for a Healthy California-San Diego & Imperial County, Dental Health Initiative, Kids Health Assurance Network.