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Our Doctors

Yi Hui Liu, MD, MPH

Dr. Yi Hui Liu - Section Chief Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. Dr. Yi Hui Liu is a board-certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician with expertise in the evaluation and management of children with ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, mental retardation, and developmental delays. She brings to her clinical work her experience in collaborating with other developmental services (e.g., speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy), disciplines (e.g., child and adolescent psychiatry), and community resources (e.g., Regional Center, First 5 programs).

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Sheila Gahagan, MD, MPH

Sheila Gahagan

Dr. Sheila Gahagan is a board-certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician with a special interest in early childhood, including developmental delays. Autism, complications of prematurity, and fetal alcohol syndrome are areas of focus. She also has particular expertise in infant and toddler regulation disorders including sleep problems, difficult feeding, excessive crying and tantrums, and attachment disorders.

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Martin Stein, MD

Dr. Martin Stein’s clinical work focuses on 2 complimentary areas. He has worked to develop methods that primary care pediatricians can use to adapt the knowledge and skills of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians into daily primary care practice. Encounters with Children: Pediatric Behavior and Development (co-authored with Suzanne Dixon) is an example of this effort. As a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, he also evaluates and follows children with neuro-developmental and behavioral conditions with pediatric residents and fellows in the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Consultation Clinic. Dr. Stein's expertise is in the evaluation and management of children with ADHD, anxiety, depression and autistic spectrum disorders.

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A Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician can assess your child for developmental, learning or behavioral concerns.