Kerri Boutelle, PhD

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Dr. Kerri Boutelle completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, her internship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and her postdoctoral fellowship in Behavioral Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Boutelle is a Clinical Psychologist and has been working with youth and young adults who have weight or eating related issues for over 17 years.


Dr. Boutelle is the faculty supervisor in the UCSD Eating Disorder program and is the Behavioral Director of the Weight and Wellness Clinic. Dr. Boutelle sees children and adolescents (and their parents) who have eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, picky eating) and who are overweight. She oversees a number of programs that provide group-based treatment for overweight youth and their parents.


Dr. Boutelle's current research is focused on parenting children to reduce weight, parent and child skills for reducing binge eating, and neurobiological correlates of weight loss in children. She is currently conducting an NIH funded study to compare a parent-only group to a parent and child group treatment for childhood obesity. She is completing another NIH funded study on a guided self-help treatment for childhood obesity. She is also currently developing a new treatment for children who eat and feel hungry even when physically full.


The primary purpose of the FRESH study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a behavioral parent-only treatment for childhood obesity on the target child’s weight and parent’s BMI, compared to the parent and child group.

The FRESH study is looking for overweight 8-12 year old children and at least one of their overweight parents who are willing to participate. There is no cost to participate in the study. All enrolled participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups: parent-only treatment group or parent + child treatment group. Both groups will provide behavioral treatment for childhood obesity for 5 months. The groups will be fun and informative to mobilize parents to treat and prevent childhood obesity, especially given the increase in childhood obesity in the United States today.

For more information, please call 858-822-2158 for the “FRESH study” or email us.

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