Major Goals & Plans

The vision of the Division of Emergency Medicine is to be a center of excellence for providing acute care to ill and injured children in San Diego and the best site on the West Coast and beyond for providing emergency medical services to children. The mission is to strive daily for the health and welfare of acutely ill and injured children and their families. To this end, the goal is to provide safe, consistent, high-quality services at all times and under all circumstance, and to promote high-quality teaching and research that benefits the children of San Diego and beyond. The plan is to employ a three prong strategy comprising: (1) Better Space: a greater number of high-quality multi-functional rooms in a cohesive floor plan; (2) Better Staffing: recruitment of pediatric emergency physicians, pediatricians, mid-level providers and nurses who are dedicated to the care of children, to building strong cohesive teams, and furthering instruction and scientific knowledge and (3) Better Systems and Operations: continue to innovate with regard to how best to achieve daily efficiency, safety and quality to benefit guests.