The vision of the Division of Emergency Medicine is a center of clinical excellence for providing acute care to ill and injured children in San Diego and the premiere site on the West Coast and beyond for providing emergency medical services to children. The mission is to strive daily for the health and welfare of acutely ill and injured children and their families. To this end, the goal is to provide safe, consistent, high-quality services that are evidence based while promoting collaborative teaching and clinical research that benefits the children of San Diego and beyond. 

Division Chief


Fareed Saleh, M.D.
Interim Division Chief

Research and Teaching

To continuously improve our quality of care, we are actively involved in research on diseases and conditions often seen in emergency care, including asthma, meningitis, appendicitis, Kawasaki disease, and mild traumatic brain injury. Additionally, our Division is a leading teaching program, training the best and brightest physicians here in San Diego and from across the nation. Since 2002, we have had an ACGME-accredited Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship, and our physicians have won numerous teaching awards.



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