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Faculty & Staff

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Faculty

Keri Carstairs, MD, Chief and Medical Director, Clinical Professor, UC San Diego
Fareed Saleh, MD, Clinical Director, Assistant Clinical Professor

Naomi Abe, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Lukas Austin-Page, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Mario Bialostozky, MD, Associate Physician
Amy Bryl, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Heather Conrad, MD, Associate Physician
Joelle Donofrio, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Arit Edwin-Enyenihi, MD, Associate Clinical Professor 
Marc Etkin, MD, Associate Clinical Professor 
Michael Gardiner, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
David Gutglass, MD, Clinical Professor 
Jim Harley, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor 
Scott Herskovitz, MD, Associate Physician
Cynthia Hoecker, MD, Clinical Professor
Paul Ishimine, MD, Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics
Geoffrey Jackman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
John Kanegaye, MD, Clinical Professor
Simon Lucio, MD, Clinical Professor 
Katherine Mandeville, MD, Associate Physician
Ashley Metcalf, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor
Mathew Murray, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor  
Margaret Nguyen, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor  
Mylinh Nguyen, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Kathryn Pade, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Beena Patel, MD, Associate Physician
Dunisha Ranasuriya, MD, Associate Physician
Stephanie Schroter, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Kristy Schwartz, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor
Seema Shah, MD, Associate Clinical Professor 
Vanessa Tamas, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor  
Stacey Ulrich,MD, Associate Clinical Professor 
Atim Uya, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Jackson Vane, MD, Associate Physician
Tatyana Vayngortin, MD, Associate Physician
Shannon Wai, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Yvette Wang, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Winston Wu, MD, Associate Physician
Karen Yaphockun, DO, Assistant Clinical Professor 
Elise Zimmerman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Megan Feth, NP
Elizabeth McQuinn, NP
Randi Pucely, NP 
Carly Welch, NP

Urgent Care Pediatricians

Katherine Konzen, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Clinical Professor
Thomas Bellomo, MD, Associate Physician
MaryAnn Betty, MD, Associate Physician
Sarah Campbell, MD, Associate Physician
Weena Joshi, MD, Associate Physician
Lauren Kearney, MD, Associate Physician
Gregory Langley, MD, Associate Clinical Professor
Amy Lovejoy, MD, Associate Physician
Genevieve Minka, MD, Associate Physician
Seema Mishra, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
Sherine Parker, MD, Associate Physician
Matthew Pierce, MD, Associate Physician
Theresa Tran, MD, Associate Physician
Bertha Tsai, MD, Associate Physician
Kamala Vaidya, MD, Associate Physician