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Education with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology

The Division provides a comprehensive accredited educational program for fellowship training in pediatric cardiology. Dr. Kirsted Dummer is the Fellowship Program Director and Dr. David Werho is the Associate Program Director. Fellows are offered clinical teaching and mentoring in all aspects of clinical cardiology: Outpatient care and evaluation, Inpatient and ICU care Echocardiography, CT and MRI, Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiac Catheter¬≠ization, Electrophysiology and Pacing, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Research. A broad schedule of lectures and presentations are offered including: Weekly Surgery Conference, Weekly Catheterization Conference, Weekly Core Lecture, and Monthly Journal Club and Research Meeting.

The Division offers a fourth-year position for a Fellow in interventional congenital cardiology. This position includes training and experience or greater or first assistant in approximately 200 procedures, teaching conferences, and training in clinical transitional research.

Faculty/staff cardiologists are also active in training of pediatric residents and medical students. Rotation in pediatric cardiology is not mandatory for residents, but many selected this experience. The Division provided customized outpatient and inpatient experiences for pediatric residents and medical students.