Grant Support

Seema S. Aceves MD, PhD

Registry of Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases (REGID) $27,500
20110124/Children’s Hospital Medical Center July 2010-July 2011
Mechanisms of Chronic Tissue Damage in Allergic Eosinophilic Esophagitis $2,550,500
1 R01 AI092135-01/NIH (NIAID) Natl Inst Of Allergy July 2011-June 2016
TGF-beta Gene Polymorphisms in Food Allergic vs. $464,375
Non-Food Allergic Eosinophilic Esophagitis Sept. 2011-Oct. 2014
W81XWH-11-1-0741/DA Army Medical Research And Materi
The Role of miRNAs in Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis $50,000
University of California, Department of Pediatrics 2011-current
A Novel Molecular Diagnostic Platform for Eosinphilic Esophagitis $140,000
Tigers 2010-current
Pilot Project in Eosinophilic Diseases $140,000

Jane C. Burns, MD

iDASH: Integrating Data for Analysis, Anonymization, and Sharing $18,654,233
1 U54 HL108460-01/NIH (NHLBI) Natl Heart, Lung & Blood Sept. 2010-June 2015
Gene Expression and Genetic Influence in Kawasaki Disease $5,450,553
HL69413/NIH (NHLBI) Natl Heart, Lung & Blood Dec. 2001-Jan. 2012
Impact of TNFa Blockade on Immune Function in Acute Kawasaki Disease $1,549,271 1 R01 HL103536-01/NIH (NHLBI) Natl Heart, Lung & Blood April 2010-Feb. 2014
Phase III Inflixlmab for Primary Therapy of Kawasaki Disease $1,440,944
1 R01 FD003514-01/PHS (FDA) Food And Drug Administration Sept. 2008-July 2013
The Adult KD Collaborative $600,000
20100199/Gordon And Marilyn Macklin Foundation Sept. 2009-Aug. 2012
Kawasaki Disease: Disentangling the Role of Climate in the Outbreaks $24,735
20105253/Institut Catala De Ciencies Del CLI June 2010-Mar. 2012

Alessandra Franco, MD, PhD

Impact of TNFa Blockade On Immune Function In Acute Kawasaki Disease $1,549,271
R01 HL103536-01  June 2010-May 2014 

“How Fcg receptors impact thymic-derived regulatory T cell expansion in rheumatoid arthritis”
This grant explores SNPs within FcgRII and FcgRIII as possible cause for poor Fc-specific Treg expansion in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
MARC training pilot grant from the Clinical Investigation Institute at UCSD Franco PI  8/1/20- 7/31/21 
“How immunodominant Fc peptide epitopes expand natural regulatory T cells and downregulate inflammation”This grant addresses the ontogeny of regulatory T cells that recognize the heavy constant region of IgG in infants and young children.  Role: Principal Investigator
NIH/NIAID R01AI143586  Franco (PI)  1/23/19-12/31/21 
Comprehensive funding for KD research that spans three topics: biomarker discovery and validation, etiology of KD, and immunology of KD including novel therapies based on immune regulation.
Role: Co-Investigator
20160552  (Co-Investigator)  07/01/15-06/30/20  Macklin Foundation Challenge Grant                                  Pre-clinical studies to rank 3-5 immunodominant peptide epitopes derived from the heavy constant region of immunoglobulins (Fc) that stimulate natural regulatory T cells
Goals: To study the fine specificity of natural regulatory T cells in autoimmunity
Role: Principal Investigator 
MRP-17- 454909  Franco (PI)  01/01/18-12/31/18  UC Discovery

Hal M. Hoffman, MD

UCSD/RCHSD Intramural Grant for Genomics Research $50,000
UCSD Pediatrics- Genetic Basis of Hoffman Syndrome Mar. 2012–Feb. 2014
The Role of Cryopyrin in Autoinflammatory Diseases $2,235,800
5 R01 AI052430-02/NIH (NIAID) Natl Inst Of Allergy Aug. 2001-July 2012
Mechanisms Involved in Cold Activation of the Inflammasome $150,001
Glaxosmithkline Oct. 2009-Sept. 2011
Targeting Inflammasome Mediated Disorders with Green Tea $424,875
1 R21 AI090487-01/NIH (NIAID) Natl Inst Of Allergy June 2010-May 2012
Genetic and Molecular Basis of Familial Atypical cold Urticaria $25,000
UCSD CTRI Pilot Project Jan. 2011-Dec. 2011

Anthony Horner, MD

Effect Of Daily Airway House Dust Extract Exposures On Innate $50,000
And Adaptive Immunity In Primates Oct. 2011-Sept. 2012
California National Primate Research Center
House Dust Bioactivities As Predictors Of Atopic, Immune, And Respiratory Status $400,000
R37 AI71922 NIH/NIAID (Supplement) June 2012-May 2014