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Resident Graduation Photos

2012 Graduating Residents

2011 Graduating Residents

Dr. Jonah Hulst, Dr. Steven Garfin, Dr. Neil Badlani and Dr. Vedant Kulkarni

Dr. Jonah Hulst, Dr. Sandy Schwartz, Dr. Vedant Kulkarni and Dr. Neil Badlani

Dr Neil Badlani and family

Dr Cris Sherman, Trauma Fellow, Dr Andy Indressano, Resident, Dr Amir Misaghi, Intern

The Graduating Chiefs!

2011 Resident Roast


Dr Vedant Kulkarni, Dr Jonah Hulst, Dr Neil Badlani

Residency Coordinator, Joy Dinus and Residency Director, Dr Sandy Schwartz

Dr Todd Allen, Spine Surgery and Dr Andy Indressano, Resident

Trauma Team Extraordinaire!

Dr Kulkarni and his lovely wife

2010 Graduating Residents

The 2010 Graduating Chief Residents:  William Peace, MD, Tim Nicaris, MD, PhD, Mark Wang, MD, PhD and Bryan Emmerson, MD

The graduating Chiefs having a little fun!

ick Lieber, PhD, Mark Wang, MD, PhD and Bat Smith, MD

Dr Sandy Schwartz, Residency Director and Lisa Rhodes, Department Business Officer

2010 Resident Roast

The 2010 Graduating Chief Residents:  Dr Bryan Emmerson, Dr Bill Peace, Dr Tim Nicaris, and Dr Mark Wang

Current Residents Dr Brooke Ballard, Dr Salil Upasani, Dr Kentaro Suzuki and Dr Vedant Kulkarni

Current Resident Dr Zack Ongwijitwat

Graduating Resident Dr Bill Peace, Residency Director Dr Sandy Schwartz and Bill's brother, CAPT Richard Peace, USAF

Graduating Resident Dr Bryan Emmerson and Current Resident Dr Derek Chase

Current Residents Dr Kentaro Suzuki, Dr Jonah Hulst and Dr Charles Chang

2009 Graduating Residents

Dr. Garfin, Department Chair, and Jared Foran, MD

Dr Schwartz, Residency Director, and Hugo Sanchez, MD, PhD with Dr Sanchez's family

2009 Chief Residents

The 2009 Chief Residents:  Hugo Sanchez, MD, Jared Foran, MD, Andy Pennock, MD and Adnan Cutuk, MD

Dr Girard, Hugo Sanchez, MD, Andy Pennock, MD, Jared Foran, MD, Adnan Cutuk, MD and Dr Schwartz

2008 Graduating Residents

Orthopaedic Surgery Faculty and Residents, 2008


Robert Talac, MD, PhD, Graduating Chief Resident, Dr Schwartz, Residency Program Director, Dr Garfin, Chairman, Suzanne Steinman, MD, Graduating Chief Resident, Catherine Robertson, MD, Graduating Chief Resident and Bryan Leek, MD, Graduating Chief Resident

2007 Graduating Residents

Orthopaedic Surgery Faculty and Residents, 2007

2003 Graduating Residents

Orthopaedic Surgery Faculty and Residents, 2003