Didactic Education Program

Teaching seminars are mandatory for all orthopaedic residents and cover a variety of topics including basic science related to orthopaedic problems, clinical orthopaedic conferences (case presentations and lecturers) and presentations from inter-related clinical specialties (e.g., neurosurgery, general surgery, trauma, infectious disease Rheumatology, radiology, etc.). These are rotated on a regular basis through the month. Residents help coordinate the conferences and teaching materials.

Research Teaching Conferences

A series of lectures are given on Monday afternoons to the research residents, fellows and graduate students. These cover the orthopaedic research aspects of physiology, bioengineering, biochemistry, and statistics.

Journal Club

A monthly Journal club (reviewing primarily JBJS) is held the third Thursday of each month for all the residents. It is hosted by one of the faculty members. Separate Journal clubs are held regularly by many of the other subspecialty services. These are attended by residents on that particular rotation. The purpose of journal clubs is to increase awareness of current and classical articles in orthopaedics and specialty areas.

Related Educational Activities

Teaching and/or work rounds at the UCSD Medical Centers are held by the attending faculty regularly on the acute (trauma) service and daily in the specialty services.

The hand service has teaching conferences weekly and includes rounds and case discussions. Anatomical dissections are performed weekly with occupational therapists in attendance. Additionally, Hand Journal Club is held weekly to review specific articles, which relate to assigned topics. The articles include classic articles selected by the faculty, as well as recent journal articles. There is a hand teaching conference for all the UCSD and Navy residents, which alternates between didactic lectures by the faculty and/or residents and case presentations discussed by the residents.

The spine service rounds are made with faculty, residents, fellows and nurse practitioners regularly on all patients, Additionally, medical students, the head nurse on the Orthopaedic / Neurosurgical floors, physical and occupational therapists, and nurse practitioners involved with the patients attend a weekly patient care conference where inpatients and all planned operations are discussed by the residents. All UCSD and Navy residents as well as community physicians are invited to these conferences.

The trauma service, which is staffed by the majority of residents assigned to the UCSD Medical Center-Hillcrest, has regular rounds (patient and x-ray). All operative cases are discussed Monday through Friday with faculty before the operating schedule begins. Additionally, weekly fracture conferences are held from 7:00-8:00 AM, where residents present interesting cases. Twice a month, there is a city-wide trauma conference where both the general surgery and orthopaedic trauma services discuss shared patients from both a general surgery and orthopaedic surgery viewpoint.

The Veterans Administration provides exposure to more chronic care situations. Teaching rounds for all the residents at the VA are held Monday morning. Following this all x-rays and preoperative cases for the week are discussed in a formal conference. Clinics are held three times a week and staffed by UCSD/VA faculty. On Wednesday afternoon specialty clinics are held where cases are selected by regional anatomy, and complex cases are presented to faculty members responsible for that area of disease/surgical anatomy. In addition to the Orthopaedic conferences, there is a one hour weekly conference with the skeletal radiologists, headed by Donald Resnick, MD where interesting orthopaedic cases are presented and discussed with Dr. Resnick.

Rady Children's Hospital has a number of conferences headed by Peter O Newton, MD, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics, and other full-time, clinical faculty. Daily rounds are made with the faculty in the morning. An Indications conference occurs each Monday and is staffed by a number of community physicians who volunteer their time. Interesting patients and x-rays are presented by the residents to the faculty in attendance, discussed by the residents and faculty, and appropriate treatment selected. Additionally, a weekly Journal Club of selected classic as well as recent articles is held with the residents, fellows, and faculty at Rady Children’s Hospital. There are weekly specialty clinics staffed by faculty with interest in the specific disorder (e.g., scoliosis, cerebral palsy, myelodysplasia, muscular dystrophy, etc.).