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Residency Alumni

​Class of 2020

Heather Chen, M.D.
Clara Men, M.D.
Christopher Toomey, M.D., Ph.D.
James Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Resident 2019-2020

Class of 2019

Sally Baxter, M.D., Chief Resident 2018-2019
Akintomide Apara, M.D., Ph.D (Tommy)
Rohan Verma, M.D.
Jeffrey Wang, M.D.
Zhiyong Yang, M.D., Ph.D.

Class of 2018

Amir Marvasti, M.D., Chief Resident 2017-2018
Derek Mai, M.D.
Landon Grange, M.D.

Class of 2017

Kyle Godfrey, M.D., Chief Resident 2016-2017
Nickisa Hodgson, M.D.
Brenda Nuyen, M.D.
Courtney Ondeck, M.D.

Class of 2016

Brian Chang, M.D., Chief Resident 2015-2016
Abigail Huang, M.D., Chief Resident 2015-2016
Roman Fajardo, M.D.
Usha Kumar, M.D.

Class of 2015

Lilit Minasyan, M.D., Chief Resident 2014-2015
Hema Ramkumar, M.D., Chief Resident 2014-2015
Matthew Bedell, M.D.
Jean-Paul Abboud, M.D., Ph.D.

Class of 2014

Charlotte Gore, M.D., Chief Resident 2013-2014
Elizabeth Pinney, M.D.
Cristiana Vasile, M.D.

Class of 2013

Jeffrey Liu, M.D., Chief Resident 2012-2013
Solomon Shaftel, M.D., Ph.D.
Kevin Tan, M.D.

Class of 2012

Sara Bozorg, M.D., Chief Resident 2011-2012
Milad Hakimbashi, M.D.
Jonathan Tung, M.D.

Class of 2011

Katherine Whipple, M.D., Chief Resident 2010-2011
Payam Amini, M.D.
Anjali Parekh, M.D.

Class of 2010

Ankur Shah, MD, Chief Resident 2009-2010
Patrick Danaher, MD
Sara Yoon, MD

Class of 2009

Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, MD, MS, Chief Resident 2008-2009
Jeffrey Lee, MD
Diana Shiba, MD

Class of 2008

Nicole Brandt, MD, Chief Resident 2007-2008
Franklin Li, MD
Kourosh Mohammadi, MD

Class of 2007

Arthur Korotkin, MD, Chief Resident 2006-2007
Lisa Garbutt, MD
Lawrence Hou, MD

Class of 2006

Tony Pham, MD, Chief Resident 2005-2006
Tara Brown, MD

Class of 2005

Bobby S. Korn, MD, PhD, Chief Resident 2004-2005
Henry Ferreyra, MD
Kristine Harvey, MD

Class of 2004

Victoria Morrison, MD, Chief Resident 2003-2004
Parastou Abedi, MD
Polly Henderson, MD

Class of 2003

Christopher Heichel, MD, Chief Resident 2002-2003
Brian Desmond, MD

Class of 2002

Eun-Ha Park, MD, Chief Resident 2001-2002
Marc Booth, MD
Eric Jones, MD

Class of 2001

Shahin Shahrokni, MD, Chief Resident 2000-2001
Thu-Trang Phung, MD
Dana Tannebaum, MD

Class of 2000

Tommy Korn, MD, Chief Resident 1999-2000
Renata Ochabski, MD

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