People - Current Lab Members

​Rebecca Adami
Clinical Fellow in Maternal-Fetal Medicine
​Johns Hopkins University
Medical Doctor

I am a fellow in MFM and have an interest in neonatal HIE and abnormal placentation. I am currently working to use miRNAs to differentiate between normal placentation, placenta previa, and degrees of the placenta accreta spectrum.

Vivian Dang
Administrative Assist
Phone: 858-246-1345
​Peter DeHoff

I provide technical expertise and support to various projects within the department.  Projects encompass ExRNA NGS, ExDNA NGS, WGBS, NGS data processing/analysis, DNA construct design/cloning, and biochemical fractionation of protein/particles from human serum/plasmas/stem cell culture materials.

​Emily Liu
Clinical Research Coord
​University of California,
San Diego
Human Biology

​I am one of the clinical research coordinators at UCSD Labor and Delivery and the Diabetes clinic. My research projects are focused on discovering and validating biomarkers for pregnancy complications and improving prenatal obstetric management of Type 2 Diabetes.

​Yukun Liu
Visiting Scholar
​Sun Yat-sen University
Obstetrics and Gynecology
​I am an Obstetrician and

Gynecologist. My research mainly focuses on the placental dysfunction associated pregnancy and high risk obstetrics. My project is to investigate the effect of conditional culture medium on the proliferation of placental explant and EV release.

Rob Morey
Research Associat
San Diego State University
MBA with a concentration in finance
​In my projects, I apply a variety of genomic/ epigenomic methods to understand the relationships between human pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives. Our results help us understand the contribution of different reprogramming methods to the transcriptional and epigenetic signatures of stem cell lines, and to determine whether patient-specific stem cells can be used to accurately model their disease
​Mary Nguyen
Lab Volunteer
University of California, San Diego

​I am a pre-med UCSD student interested in contributing to research!

​Rachel Sebastiani
Lab Volunteer
​University of California, San Diego

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

I am an undergraduate pursuing a medical career in women's health. I am interested in sexual and reproductive health and rights. My project focuses on the effects of varying glucose levels on exRNAs in placental explants.

​Srimeenakshi Srinivasan
​University of Texas Health Science Center
​My research work involves developing and testing extracellular RNA isolation and small RNA-Seq protocols, and identifying potential extracellular RNA biomarkers for various pregnancy related disorders including preeclampsia and accreta using Next Generation RNA Sequencing. My expertise is in programing and optimizing the use of automated liquid handlers for miniaturizing and developing library generation protocols.
​Chandana Tekkatte
Research Associate
​University of Sheffield
Regenerative Medicine
My research here focuses on developing in vitro models for studying Placental physiology and function. We are designing a 3-D biomimetic 'Placenta-on-a-chip' microfluidics device to comprehensively model the materno-fetal interactions in vitro. In parallel, we are also optimizing human placental explant culture protocols (from healthy and diseased pregnancies) specifically for investigating Extra-cellular Vesicles (EV) release and function of exRNAs in placental disease pathology. Besides primary placental studies, genetic manipulation of human pluripotent stem cells is also used as a developmental model to help unravel the complex functional roles of key transcription factors in trophoblast formation.
​Charlotte Thorson
Volunteer Research Asst
​Brown University

I am a volunteer research assistant working with Dr. Laurent and Dr. Conturie on studies intended to characterize the urinary microbiome during pregnancy and analyze the effects of probiotics on the vaginal microbiome during pregnancy.

​Cuong To
Bioinformatic Specialist
​University of West Bohemia

My research focuses on applying and developing data mining methods and mathematical models for biological datasets such as transcriptomics, proteomics, next generation sequencing, gene regulatory networks, protein-protein interactions networks, etc. I currently use clustering methods, biclustering methods, visualization methods, classification methods, ​regression models, feature selections, etc. on next generation sequencing datasets.

​Vy Tran
CLinical Research Coord
​University of California,

​I am a CRC in the Department of Reproductive Medicine. I am interested in understanding different pregnancy complications in relation to placental abnormalities. My project focuses on a discovering biomarkers for variety of low and high-risk pregnancies to predict certain complications in the future.

​Yan Zhang