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Dr. Louise Laurent

Louise C. Laurent, MD/PhD is the Vice Chair for Translational Research and Director of Perinatal Research for the UCSD Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences and a member of the UCSD Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee.

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About the Lab

Our lab applies our expertise in human pluripotent stem cell research and genomics to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal human development, in order to improve the health of mothers and babies.

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Recent Publications

Discovery and verification of extracellular miRNA biomarkers for non-invasive prediction of preeclampsia in asymptomatic women.

Srinivasan S, Treacy R, Herrero T, Olsen R, Leonardo TR, Zhang X, DeHoff P, To C, Poling LG, Fernando A, Leon-GarciaS , Knepper K, Tran V, Meads M, Tasarz J, Vuppala A, Park S, Laurent CD, Bui T, Cheah PS, OvercashR, Ramos GA, Roeder H, Ghiran I, Parast M, The PAPR Study Consortium,  Breakefield XO, Lueth A, Rust SR, Dufford MT, Fox AC, Hickok DE, Burchard J, Boniface JJ, Laurent LC.

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