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The department supports a Director of Simulation Training. The resident simulation curriculum has expanded significantly with a two year rotating curriculum covering obstetrics, gynecology and the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery.  The University has opened a state-of-the-art medical education building which has facilities for surgical training. We use this training facility for many of our simulations. The curriculum includes animate and inanimate laparoscopy training; hysteroscopic simulation, including hysteroscopy, morcellation, and IUD placement; and wound care and repair of obstetric anal sphincter injury.  Additionally, the curriculum for the residents has been augmented to include advanced obstetrical simulations such as hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, eclamptic seizure, cord prolapse and amniotic fluid embolism. The residents are evaluated for competence in each of the areas of simulation and directly observed by an attending. Feedback is provided to the residents immediately following these simulations.

Below are pictures of the exterior view of the UCSD Medical Education / Telemedicine Building, Future of Surgery Lab, and simulation OR.


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