COVID-19 Updates

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Conferences and Didactic Teaching

The department firmly believes that teaching takes many forms. For this reason, we encourage all residents to interact with everyone on our faculty. The entire faculty is accessible and enthusiastic to teach on rounds, including individual and group settings.

The following are representative of Wednesday afternoon didactic conferences:

  • Gyn/Onc Lecture
  • UroGyn Seminar
  • U/S Genetics Lecture
  • REI Lecture Series
  • Journal Cub
  • Chapter Review
  • OB II School Lectures
  • Menopause Lectures
  • Family Planning Lecture
  • Kaiser Perinatology

Other Conferences(Frequency)

  • Grand Rounds (2x/ month)
  • Case Conferences (3x/ month)
  • Research Skills (Quarterly)
  • REI Workshop (Spring)
  • Inanimate Hyteroscopy & Essure Skills Lab (Biannually)
  • Inanimate & Animate Laparoscopy Kills Lab (Biannually)
  • Noelle Simulation Training (Quarterly)
  • EIC Meeting (Monthly)
  • MOS Ops Meeting(Monthly)

The clinical schedules are arranged so that all residents (with the exception of those on call, vacation, or other excused absences approved by the program director) will be able to attend the teaching conferences. Faculty members also attend some of these conferences.