Division of Maternal-Fetal (Perinatal) Medicine

The Division of Perinatal Medicine Specializes in Maternal - Fetal Medicine, High Risk Pregnancy Management, and Basic Fetal Research.

Our Clinical and Basic Science Faculty

  • Provide state-of-the-art care to patients with high risk or problem pregnancies
  • Teach residents and post-doctoral fellows to become better doctors and competent biomedical scientists
  • Conduct cutting edge basic science and clinical research aimed at improving the health and well being of the fetus and newborn

Our clinical faculty offer a comprehensive program of counseling and care for high risk pregnancies through UCSD Perinatal Associates

Division Chief

Thomas F. Kelly, MD
Thomas F. Kelly, MD Profile picture"Welcome to the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Our division has a large number of exceptional clinician-educators as well as clinical and basic science investigators. We provide clinical care for those with complicated pregnancies, consultation for patients referred by other obstetrical providers, prenatal imaging and diagnostic procedures. The division has specific interests in placental disorders, diabetes, hypertension and fetal ultrasound. Many of our members are involved in clinical research in these areas and a few have active labs studying placental development. We have a highly regarded training program in maternal-fetal medicine which continues to produce the next generation of academic and clinical perinatologists."

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Training and Education

Fellowship Training Program in Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Labs and Research

Laurent Lab

Current MFM Fellows

Rebecca Adami, MD
Charlotte Conturie, MD
Kathy Zhang-Rutledge, MD

Faculty Support

Vivian Dang, 858-246-1235; vndang@health.ucsd.edu
       for Louise Laurent
 Hitomi O'Briant, 858-249-1207; hobriant@health.ucsd.edu
        for Andrew Hull, Thomas Kelly, Sandy Ramos, Maryam Tarsa, and Richard Wolf
Adrian Parham, 619-543-2699; aparham@health.ucsd.edu
       for Thomas R. Moore
 Sue Custodio, 858-249-1205; secustodio@health.ucsd.edu
        for Jerry Ballas, Leah Lamale-Smith, and Doug Woelkers