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Congratulations to Mimi Lukacz, Linda Brubaker and their urology colleagues, Mike Albo and Yahir Santiago- Lastra for their excellent review article on Urinary Incontinence published in this month's JAMA. This article took a tremendous effort by these faculty members and is a truly valuable clinical reference for anyone taking care of women with incontinence. Please join me in congratulating them.

The Department of Reproductive Medicine is pleased to announce the appointment of:

  • Pamela Deak, M.D. as the new Division Chief for the Division of General Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr Deak will be leading a group of 10 faculty members who are responsible for much of the clinical and teaching responsibilities in the department.
  • Gina Frugoni, MD as the Division Chief for the Hospitalist Program.

Beginning July 1, the department has formed a Division of Family Planning and it will be a separate division, no longer in the Generalist Division. It will be led by Division Director Sheila Mody. The other members include Sarah Averbach and their first fellow, Bonnie Crouthamel who starts this week.

Congratulations to the following PIs for successful grant applications:

  • Kun Tan (Miles Wilkinson Mentor): Lalor Foundation Fellowship
  • Karen Tonsfeldt (Pam Mellon Mentor): F32
  • Kina Thackray: Ferring International Grant

Welcome to our new interns!

  • Christina Lam from Brown University
  • Emily Ngan from Duke University
  • Kelsey Pinson from New York University
  • Mariana Ramos-Rivera from University of Florida
  • Lydia Russell-Roy from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Welcome to our new fellows!

  • Alex Berger (Urogyn) from Thomas Jefferson
  • Rebecca Adami (MFM) from UCLA
  • Chelsea Fox (REI) from University of South Carolina (Greenville)
  • Lindsey Charo (Gyn Onc) from UCSD
  • Bonnie Crouthamel (Family Planning) from University of Washington

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