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Department Administration Contacts

The business office for the School of Medicine's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science is a diverse team that has many years of experience with the university. Our fund managers, Faculty and division support staff are responsible for a wide range of responsibilities.

​Contact Information:
​Contact for questions regarding:
Michael Morales

Administrative Vice-Chair                       Department Busines Officer

  • Oversee administrative processes for research, clinical, and teaching missions.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local agencies
  • Oversee interface with other departments, community and other entities.
Susie Guidi

Director, Clinical Data & Mgmt

Director, Patient Client Services

  • Clinical Practice Management and operational analysis/reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Departmental Marketing and Communications
  • Co-Chair - Patient and Family Advisory Council
Elizabeth Santos

Administrative Officer

  • Human Resources
  • MSP Contracts
  • Non-Salaried Appointments
  • Observership/Shadowing
  • PAFAC Support
  • Malpractice Liability Letters
  • Academic Personnel Liaison
  • Academic Affairs
  • Post Docs and Visas
  • Administrative Support Supervisor

​Jacob Andrew
Lab Manager/Admin Support

  • ​Research Lab Management for: Stupack Lab, Schlaepfer Lab

​Brittni Baynes
Lab Manager/Admin Support

  • ​Research Lab Management for: Alperin Lab

Sponsored Research Supervisor

  • ​Oversight of Research Portfolio
  • Proposal Submissions
  • Post Award Administration

Sue Custodio

Faculty Support

  • PAFAC Support
  • JMC In-house/Weekend Rounding Call Schedule
  • Meet the Maternity Team
  • Faculty Support for: S Averbach, J Ballas; J Cormano, G Frugoni, P Gupta, M Hoang, Y LaCoursiere, L Lamale-Smith; S Mody, A Sutton, S Tilford, D Woelkers,

Lizeth Gallegos

Lab Manager/Admin Support

  • Research Lab Management
  • Faculty Support for: H Cook-Andersen, L Laurent, M Parast, M Wilkinson, Amanda Lewis, Warren Lewis
Vivian Dang

Fund Manager

  • Contract & Grant Administration
  • Preparation of proposals and submissions
  • Fund Management
Jessica Dixon

Financial Analyst

Contact Information
  • Department Budgeting
  • Faculty Payroll/Timekeeping
  • Purchasing
  • Service Agreements
  • Express Cards

​Somer Gates
Lab Manager/Admin Support

  • Research Lab Management
  • Faculty Support for: S Agarwal, J Chang, A Duleba, T Harrison, S Shimasaki, I Su
profile picture not availableMarisa Hildebrand

Complex Family Planning Fellowship Coordinator 

Contact Information

  • Family Planning Fellowship


Faculty Support

Phone: 858-249-1204
  • Fax: 858-657-7212
  • Email:
  • Conference Tracker
  • Clinic Schedules
  • Medical Staff Support
  • Faculty Support for: J Alvarado; P Deak; E Gross; J Kingston, D Klein; G Mackay, K Macaulay,  C Miller, J. Resnik, M Ries, S Varon
Justin Maisonet

Residency Program Coordinator

Contact Information
  • ObGyn Residency Program
  • Conference Planning & Scheduling
  • RP3 elective coordination
  • CME verification for faculty
Fernando Martinez

Executive Support

Contact Information
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Faculty Support for: E Brown, L Brubaker, R Semo, A Weber, P Wittgrove
  • Admin Support for: L Ikeda, M Morales
​Danahe Mediina Hernandez

Faculty Support

Phone: 858-657-1238
  • FPMRS Fellowship Program
  • FPMRS Fellow Recruitment
  • Faculty Support for: E Lukacz, M Alperin, C Nager, S Mody, S Averbach, P Gupta
Ruth Montouri

Lab Manager/Admin Support

  • Research Lab Management
  • Faculty Support for: K Breen Church, A Kauffman, M Lawson, P Mellon, D Natale, V Thackray
Hitomi O'Briant

Faculty Support

Contact Information

  • Phone: 858-249-1207
  • Fax: 858-657-7212
  • MFM Fellowship Program
  • MFM Fellow Recruitment
  • PNA Schedules
  • Faculty Support for: T Kelly; A Hull; M Tarsa; G Ramos; R Wolf
Cynthia Peña

Program Representative

Contact Information
  • Maternal Newborn Nursing Care Course
  • Asset Management
  • Department Security Admin
  • Web Contact
profile picture not availableEunice Tingzon
GME/ACGME Program Manager
  • Provide oversight to our Dvision Fellowhip Coordinators
  • REI Fellowship Program
  • Oversight to student education programs 
  • Procide supprt to the VC of Education and Education Improvement Committee
  • Residency Program Back-Up