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Ulrich Mueller, PhD

Ulrich MuellerUlrich Mueller, PhD
Director, Dorris Neuroscience Center
Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, CA


Dr. Mueller's laboratory has extensive experience in mouse molecular genetics and the analysis of developmental defects that affect multiple organ systems including the central nervous system, inner ear, muscle and kidney. His lab has generated dozens of mice with genetic modifications using transgenic, knock-in and knock-out approaches; this includes mice for conventional and conditional (CRE/LOX, tTA) mutagenesis.

The lab also had experience in handling large-scale mouse projects. They have carried out a broad ENU mutagenesis screen to identify mouse lines with recessive deafness traits, which used more than 30,000 mice for phenotyping and positional cloning. Dr. Mueller is one of the principal investigators heading one of three NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Centers in the US that generates hundreds of CRE mouse lines for the neuroscience community.

He also serves as faculty advisor of the Scripps Mouse Genetics Core and supervises the generation and cryopreservation of mouse lines for all research laboratories at Scripps. Therefore, his laboratory has all the necessary expertise to generate, characterize and maintain the mouse lines necessary for this current project.