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Joseph Gleeson, MD

Joseph GleesonJoseph Gleeson, MD
Professor of Neuroscience and Pediatrics
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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Dr. Gleeson is the head of the Neurogenetics Laboratory at UCSD and the Director of the Center for Brain Development, the goal of which is to understand the genetic basis of pediatric brain diseases. He is the author of the authoritative chapters on brain diseases in major medical textbooks. He is also the Director of the UCSD Microscopy Core and leads many initiatives in the area of neuroscience, genetics and cell biology at UCSD.

Dr. Gleeson is committed to developing improved diagnostics and treatments for children with neurodevelopmental conditions. He has a focus on structural brain diseases of the cortex, cerebellum and brainstem. The lab is interested in identifying the whole spectrum of various genetic causes, and then working collaboratively to understand basic mechanisms of disease. This information should lead to new treatments for disease.