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Scheduling and Core Use Guidelines

Access the online scheduling system:

All scheduled session on our resources must provide a valid Oracle Chart String from now on. This information consists of:

Project number - Task number - Funding Source

The facility is grant subsidized so the cost for independent use if relatively low. NINDS-sponsored P30 members receive further reduced rates.

See Full Price List

Important information about imaging considerations before you begin any research involving imaging as a research tool:

At this time, all access and rules are under UCSD Orange Phase restrictions due to COVID-19. Please see our main page for all rules until further notice

Gaining Access to Facility Equipment

Contact us to schedule a tour of the facility, demonstration of a specific system, or meeting to discuss which technology will best suit your experimental needs. Free 1 hour demonstrations of any of our systems are available on request.

We provide assisted equipment sessions for short experiments, or training for independent instrument use. The facility is heavily grant subsidized, so the cost for independent use is relatively low. Basic instruction on a system can take 1- 2 hours depending on the instrument and experience of the user. For infrequent instrument or software use, or for material which requires a great deal of expertise, it may be more cost effective to let us assist you. Please contact us to schedule an assisted session. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required.

On demand technical assistance is available during business hours should you need help or further consultation.

Facility Rules

Plan your experiments and microscope time in advance. 
Advanced planning allows you to schedule desired time on instrument, and 7 day advanced booking may be necessary for several instruments in high demand. If you require technical support or training, 2 weeks advanced request is recommended.

Inform the manager of any usage that differs from your scheduled time.
If you work longer or shorter than your scheduled time, you are responsible for contacting staff so we can track your usage appropriately.

If a user is found to use an instrument during an unscheduled time, or significantly beyond the scheduled time without notifying the core manager, the user's lab will be responsible for instrument charges incurred, the PI will be notified and the user's after-hour access may be revoked at the discretion of the core.

To ensure efficient core operation, overbooking instrument time is discouraged. If a user modifies the scheduled time slot by more than 2 hours short of the scheduled duration more than 3 times, the user's lab will be financially responsible for the full scheduled hours in the future. This rule does not apply if changes are due to instrument issues.

For heavily used equipment and software, a 24 hour minimum modification/cancellation policy applies. The scheduling system will not allow you to adjust your session if it is within 24 hours of the scheduled time slot. Please contact Jennifer Santini directly for any schedule changes within 24 hours of the start time. You may be financially responsible for any last minute changes. We aim to minimize loss in productivity as well as loss in recharges that are critical for maintaining of our equipment and software.

Responsibility for Equipment Misuse

If equipment is damaged due to improper and negligent use, the user lab is responsible for part or all of repair costs. 

The Nanozoomer Slide Scanning system is extremely susceptible to damage from inserting wet slides. If wet slides damage the system, the lab will be responsible for this repair, which can exceed several thousand dollars. If you are uncertain if your slides are appropriately mounted for this system, please ask prior to use.


After Hours Access

To obtain access to the facility after hours, please obtain a security badge from a Card Office, and request access to the core through core staff. Access is given on request only, not automatically. Access is only given to users who have worked a minimum of 10 business hours.

Card Office Locations:


112 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, 92103

O: 619-543-3102  Alt: 858-249-6327

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (closed 12:00-1:00 pm)


La Jolla (East Campus) – Jacobs Medical Center

Lower Level 410

9300 Campus Point Drive

San Diego, CA 92037

O: 858-249-6327 Alt: 619-543-3102

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (closed 12:00-1:00 pm)

If you work after hours, sign up for a resource through iLab is required. Any users caught using equipment after hours without signing up or working longer than signed up will lose all after hours privileges immediately.


At this time, all access and rules are under UCSD Orange Phase restrictions due to COVID-19. Please see our main page for all rules until further notice

Other Rules

Trainings on any instruments are conducted by facility staff ONLY. To schedule training, contact Jennifer Santini.

All microscope rooms are BSL1 ONLY except the Perkin Elmer room, which is BSL2.

Image files are not to be left on any computers for longer than 1 month. All image files will be deleted without warning after this timeframe. If you need an extension to this rule, please let us know.

Instruments and facility must be left in a tidy manner.
Objectives should be free of oil and dirt, and consumables should be disposed of properly. If you need more cleaning supplies, please ask the staff.
If you notice anything is broken or malfunctioning, please notify staff. Prompt notification will lead to prompt repair.
All equipment should be treated respectfully. Persons responsible for equipment damage are financially liable if the equipment was damaged due to improper use. Never attempt to alter hardware of software setups on your own. Any alterations must be pre-approved. Any approved modifications to microscope configurations must be returned to the previous configuration when the work is complete.
Publications and/or abstracts that have employed the facility must acknowledge the proper grant. Any work utilizing Neuroscience equipment or staff support, or funded by NINDS, must acknowledge the UCSD School of Medicine Microscopy Core Grant P30 NS047101. Equipment is supported by Jennifer Santini.

Equal Access for All Labs

  • Users may sign up no more than 2 weeks in advance unless first cleared with Management. Experimental necessity, not convenience, is required.
  • For instruments with high usage, you may not delete or modify your scheduled imaging session within 24 hours of the time slot start time. 
  • If you find that you need to delete or modify your session within 24 hours of your start time, you must notify staff of this desired action. 
  • If you need to delete or modify your time slot within the 24 hours, you may be charged your scheduled microscope time, as this time could have been utilized by another user. 
  • No Lab may sign up for more than 16 hours of microscope time per week, not including after hours and weekends.
  • You may only sign up for instruments that you have been formally trained on or authorized to use after demonstrated expertise.
  • If a user is late to their session more than 1/2 hour, another user may take over the time slot.