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Perkin Elmer UltraView Vox Spinning Disk Confocal

What it's good for

  • Live cells in glass coverslip bottom dish, chamber or well plate (#1.5)
  • Fixed cells and thin tissues mounted on a slide with a coverslip (#1.5)
  • High resolution imaging with little cell damage
  • High speed live cell imaging (200 fps) (BSL2 Cell Lines allowed)
  • High speed Z sectioning with Piezo Z-drive
  • Multiple point time lapse

What it's not good for

  • Point scanning confocal resolution 
  • Thick samples

Principles of operation

Spinning disk technology cuts laser light to decrease photoxicity and bleaching for long term live cell experiments, and creates a confocal effect for superior image quality.

Technical Information

  • Microscope: Olympus IX81 inverted
  • Yokogawa CSU-X1-A1 spinning disk head (5000rpms)
  • EMCCD Hamamatsu 14 bit 1K x 1K camera
  • Imaging speeds up to 200fps
  • Incubated with CO2
  • DIC and Phase Contrast
  • 4 laser lines
  • 405
  • 488
  • 560
  • 640
  • Microscope Objectives
  • 10x (.30 NA) -  0.678um / pixel
  • 20x ELWD (.45 NA) - 0.344um / pixel
  • 40x (1.30 NA) - 0.169um / pixel
  • 60x (1.42 NA) - 0.111um / pixel
  • Piezo Z-drive for fast Z acquisition
  • ASI XY stage
  • Volocity software for acquisition and processing

All publications generated utilizing our resources must cite our grant:  NS047101

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