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MMI CellCut Laser Micro-Dissection

What it's good for

  • Micro-dissection of tissues and isolation of live cell populations 
  • Special materials required
  • Isolated material can be analyzed for DNA, RNA or Proteins
  • Laser ablation and time lapse imaging
  • Multipoint time lapse for live samples

What it's NOT good for

  • Standard microscopic imaging

Principles of operation

UV laser is used to microdissect specific cells or areas out of sample. Microdissected material is collected with a sticky cap eppendorf tube. Careful control of power allows for precise ablation of small volumes.

Technical Information

  • Microscope Base: Olympus IX81
  • Incubation with CO2 
  • Solid state 355nm laser
  • Color CCD camera
  • High speed and quality monochrome Hamamatsu CCD camera
  • 3 fluorescent color channels:
  • DAPI
  • FITC
  • Texas Red
  • DIC and Phase Contrast and color brightfield
  • Motorized X-Y stage for multipoint live cell imaging
  • Microscope objectives:
  • 4x (.13 NA)
  • 10x (.40 NA)
  • 20x PH1 ELWD (.70 NA)
  • 40x PH2 ELWD (.60 NA)
  • 60x ELWD PSF Water (1.40 NA)

Consumable items

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