School of Medicine Microscopy Seminar Series

UCSD - CNCB Large Conference Room

Refreshments will be served


Dec. 10th 12PM Matthew Shtrahman

Assistant Professor, UCSD Department of Neurosciences 

Session #2: Introduction to Optics and Microscopy for Biological Research

Light offers many unique advantages for probing and manipulating biological phenomenon, as it can be delivered and measured rapidly and non-invasively on temporal and spatial scales that span several orders of magnitude. As a result, becoming competent and familiar with microscopy and photonics has become increasingly important for all areas of contemporary biology. However, these disciplines are traditionally not taught to undergraduate and graduate students in the biological sciences, and there are few opportunities for researchers to learn about these disciplines in a way that is fundamental, yet is not intimidating. I will provide a focused introduction of microscopy for biologists, requiring little to no background in physics or mathematics. Topics covered will be introduction to geometric optics, microscope anatomy, and epifluorescence, confocal, and two-photon microscopy. The goal at the end of the lecture is for researchers at all levels to feel more comfortable with the inner workings of the microscope and to be able to choose the correct type of microscopy technique for their research.

If you are interested in giving a seminar on your research, please email

If you are interested in giving a seminar on your research, please email


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