UCSD School of Medicine

Microscopy Core Seminar Series

UCSD - CNCB Large Conference Room

Refreshments will be served


Jan. 30th 11AM

Neeraj Gohad - Zeiss Microscopy Specialist

Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM Microscope

Informational Seminar Followed by Lunch and Questions

Onsite demonstration of the system will take place Feb. 3 - 9 in the CMME Microscopy Core

Feb. 3rd 4PM Uri Manor

Director of the Waitt Biophotonics Core at the Salk Institute

Deep Learning-Based Point-Scanning Super-Resolution Imaging


March 2nd 4PM Stefano Brigidi

Postdoctoral Fellow – Dr. Brenda Bloodgood Lab at UCSD

Genomic decoding of neuronal depolarization by stimulus-specific NPAS4 heterodimers


April 6th 4PM Ben Croker

Assistant Professor, UCSD Department of Pediatrics

High-content live cell imaging and the art of dying


May 11th 4PM Miguel Lopez Ramirez

Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Mark Ginsberg Lab at UCSD

Roles for astrocytes in brain vascular malformations

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