COVID-19 Updates

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UCSD School of Medicine Microscopy Core

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COVID-19 Testing is free for UCSD

Employees and Students.

For Scheduling Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing:

All scheduled session on our resources by UCSD researchers must provide a valid 

Oracle Chart String which consists of:

Project number - Task number - Funding Source

With the goal to support important research work by our users while minimizing the risk of community spread of SARS-CoV-2, the Core will implement the following rules for physical access by users

  1. Facility will be open 24/7 to UCSD researchers and outside institutions or companies

  2. Personal SOM access badge is required for entrance

  3. A user should not come if he/she feels sick 

  4. Users must wear a user-furnished mask while in the core at all times, irrelevant of vaccination status. Please do not remove your mask in the microscopy suites.

  5. Users must wash/santize hands before and after use of equipment.

  6. Only 1 person allowed per room regardless of vaccination status or COVID-19 test results

  7. Disinfect area before and after use

  8. Do not enter core without reservation

  9. Use of gloves is allowed

  10. In person training sessions will be provided during if necessary, for one on one trainings only. KN95 masks are required. Remote training is still required for more than 1 attendee.

  11. For more information on campus COVID-19 procedures, visit UCSD Research Ramp Up Guidance

Contact: Jennifer Santini (

The Core serves the needs of laboratories across the campus and the local research community. Our cutting-edge instruments push the limits of resolution, speed and sensitivity. We offer resources that range from electron microscopy ultrastructure resolution to whole organism / live animal imaging. The Core strives to promote interdisciplinary, collaborative research among local researchers. Experienced staff are available to assist with everything from sample preparation to imaging and analysis. All instruments are wholly owned by the Core, providing stable resources to support long-term research efforts.

  • Serving the UCSD research community since 2003
  • Open to all UCSD labs and surrounding institutions
  • Designated a Leica Center of Excellence in 2019
  • State-of-the-art instruments owned by the Core
  • 15 light microscopes and 1 electron microscope
  • Software for 3D and 4D analysis
  • Multiple microscope brands represented for best solutions
  • Supported by highly experienced staff
  • No. 1 NINDS P30 center in # of publications supported 

From UCSD and the Core:

Scientists Are Just Beginning to Understand Mysterious DNA Circles Common in Cancer Cells

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