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Last updated: March 24, 2014
Spring 2014
BIOM 272 and 274: Seminars in Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology

BIOM 272/274: Seminars in Genetics and Seminars in Molecular Cell Biology have been run as a combined class since 2006 and this is the 9th year this course is offered.

We acknowledge the continuous support from the BMS, the Genetics and MCB tracks of this class. Thanks to Gina Butcher, Leanne Nordeman, Kathleen Klingenberg and Judy Johns for assistance.

Course co-directors:
Karen Oegema, PhD. 
Binhai Zheng, Ph.D.

Who may register: 
1st year BMS students who are interested in current topics in diverse areas of biological/biomedical research. 

Course description: 
This course will provide perspective on selected seminars representing a broad spectrum of modern biomedical research areas. The focus is on how science is done and communicated effectively, and not to get to every technical detail of each presentation. The course consists of one seminar (usually Thursday, 4 pm) and one class meeting (Friday, 11 am - 1 pm) per week. The Friday meetings will consist of a student-led discussion of the previous seminar (post-session, 1st hour) and an introduction to the upcoming seminar by a guest lecturer (pre-session, 2nd hour). The guest lecturer (a senior student, postdoctoral fellow or faculty member from the local research community who works on a related research topic) will introduce the background for the upcoming seminar.

Friday meetings (post- and pre- sessions): 
Time: Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (April 4 - June 6)
Place: CMME 2047

Seminars (Mostly from the CMM seminar series. Exceptions are noted in bold below): 
Seminar websites: CMM seminar series, Neuroscience, Salk 
Time: See table below
Place: See table below


Schedule (subject to change): 
Notes: Class sessions are shaded in grey; seminars are indicated with white background.

Week Day Date Time Place Speaker Title or topic
1 Friday 4/4/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Ciro Zanca, Ph.D.
(Furnari/Cavenee labs)
Class introduction
Pre-session for Taylor (12 - 1 pm)
2 Thursday 4/10/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Michael Taylor Heterogeneity Through Space and Time Drives the Clinical Behaviour of Childhood Medulloblastoma and Ependymoma
2 Friday 4/11/14 11 -1 pm CMME 2047 Apollo Kacsinta, Ph.D.
(Dowdy Lab)
Discussion: Amanda, Kendall, Nick (2044); Mike, Samantha, Tim (2047)
Pre-session for Lee (12 - 1 pm)
3 Thursday 4/17/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Jeannie T. Lee Non-coding RNAs and Their Roles in X-chromo -some Inactivation
3 Friday 4/18/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Wei He, Ph. D.
(Wang Lab)
Discussion: Danny, Patrick, Samantha (2044); Amanda, Hannah, Terry (2047)
Pre-session for Hughes (12 - 1 pm)
4 Thursday 4/24/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Timothy Hughes Kaleidoscopic Evolution of C2H2 Zinc Finger DNA Binding
4 Friday 4/25/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Andrew Richards
(Zhang Lab)
Discussion: Alex, Tim, Vanessa (2044); Erica, Maryan (2047)
Pre-session for Xie (12 - 1 pm)
5 Tuesday
4 pm
4 pm
Salk Trustee
Clifford Woolf
Harmit Malik
Studying human pain in a dish (or)
Genetic Conflicts: The Usual Suspects and Beyond (pick one)
5 Friday 5/2/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Adina Gerson, Ph.D.
(Oegema/Desai labs)
Discussion: Navarre, Terry, Tina (2044); Elaine, Patrick (2047)
Pre-session for Dixon (12 - 1 pm)
6 Thursday 5/8/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Jack E. Dixon A New Family of Kinases Important in Bones and Teeth Formation
6 Friday 5/9/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Dimple Notani, Ph.D.
(Rosenfeld Lab)
Discussion: Agnes, Amy, Julia (2044); Nick, Sarah S, Vanessa (2047)
Pre-session on Misteli (12 - 1 pm)
7 Thursday 5/15/14 4 pm Salk Trustees Room Tom Misteli Cell Biology of Genomes: From aging to cancer resistance
7 Friday 5/16/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Jackie Benthuysen
(Sander Lab)
Discussion: Erica, Maryan, Steven (2044); Alex, Danny, Kendall (2047)
Pre-session on Guarente (12 - 1 pm)
8 Thursday 5/22/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Leonard Pershing Guarente NAD and Sirtuins in Aging and Diseases
8 Friday 5/23/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Monica Chu
(Komiyama Lab)
Discussion: Chelsea, Daniel, Sarah S (2044); Agnes, Amy, Julia (2047)
Pre-session for Deisseroth (12 - 1 pm)
9 Tuesday 5/27/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Karl Deisseroth Optical deconstruction of fully-assembled biological systems
9 Friday 5/30/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Nancy Ling
(Sen lab)
Discussion: Elaine, Sarah M (2044); Daniel, Navarre, Steven (2047)
Pre-session for Horsley (12 - 1 pm)
10 Thursday 6/5/14 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Valerie Horsley Regulation of Stem Cells: Lessons from the Skin
10 Friday 6/6/14 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 - Discussion: Hannah, Mike (2044); Chelsea, Sara M, Tina (2047)
Wrap up/Course evaluation