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Last updated: April 3, 2011
Spring 2011
BIOM 272A and 274A: Seminars in Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology

BIOM 272A/274A: Seminars in Genetics/Seminars in Molecular Cell Biology will be a combined class again this year.

Course co-directors:
Karen Oegema, PhD.
Binhai Zheng, Ph.D.

Who may register: 
1st year BMS students who are interested in current topics in diverse areas of biological/biomedical research. Depending on space availability, we may or may not be able to accommodate additional students.

Course description: 
This course will provide perspective on selected seminars representing diverse areas of modern biomedical sciences. This year's topics include gene regulation, genomics, cell signaling, cancer biology, immunology, neurodegenerative diseases, stem cells and various topics in cell biology. The focus is on how science is done and communicated effectively, and not to get to every technical detail of each presentation. The course consists of one seminar on campus (Thursday, 4 pm) and one class meeting (Friday 11 am - 1 pm) per week. The Friday meetings will consist of a student-led discussion of the previous week's seminar (post-session, 1st hour) and an introduction to the upcoming seminar by a guest lecturer (pre-session, 2nd hour). The guest lecturer (a senior student, postdoctoral fellow or faculty member from the local research community who works on a related research topic) will introduce the upcoming seminar following a format designed to encourage student participation. For this year's class, all the seminars are from the CMM seminar series to provide a more consistent seminar time for class participants.

Friday meetings (post- and pre- sessions): 
Time: Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (April 1 - June 3)
Place: CMME 2047

Seminars (CMM seminar series): 
Time: Thursday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (April 7 - June 2)
Place: CNCB (formerly CMG) large conference room


Schedule (subject to change): 
Notes: Class sessions are shaded in grey; seminars are indicated with white background.

Week Day Date Time Place Speaker Title or topic
1 Friday 4/1/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Pascal Gagneux Class introduction
Pre-session for Gilad (12 - 1 pm)
2 Thursday 4/7/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Yoav Gilad The Dynamic Evolution of Regulatory Mechanisms in Primates
2 Friday 4/8/11 11 -1 pm CMME 2047 Susan ZhangDiscussion: Noah, Jim, Chelsea, Alex, Alan, Nick
Pre-session for Sidow (12 - 1 pm)
3 Thursday 4/14/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Arend Sidow 100 Million Years of Evolution Meet the Personal Genome
3 Friday 4/15/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Tiffany Taylor Discussion: Jason, Santiago, Brandon, Stella, Catherine, Alex
Pre-session for Bogler (12 - 1 pm)
4 Thursday 4/21/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Oliver Bogler Aberrant EGFR Signaling in Glioblastoma
4 Friday 4/22/11 10:30 - 12:00 pm CMME 2047 Adam Best Discussion: Chris W., Jacqueline B., Anna, Chris A., Hiruy, Irene
Pre-session for Kaech (12 - 1 pm)
5 Thursday 4/28/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Susan Kaech Live Fast, Die Young...the Life of an Effector T Cell
5 Friday 4/29/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Stevan Djakovic Discussion: Hiruy, Laura, Jenny, Alan, Stella, Santiago
Pre-session for Chu (12 - 1 pm)
6 Thursday 5/5/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Charleen T. Chu Neuritic/Synaptic Remodeling and Neuroprotection in the Parkinsonian LRRK2 Model
6 Friday 5/6/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Yanxin Pei Discussion: Jackie W., Lauren, Saralin, Polly, Matt, Nick, Sakina, Danjuma
Pre-session on Wechsler-Reya (12 - 1 pm)
7 Thursday 5/12/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Robert Wechsler-Reya Stem Cells Behaving Badly: The Origins of Pediatric Brain Tumors
7 Friday 5/13/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Chris Putnam Discussion: Catherine, Jonathan, Lauren, Jacqueline B., Irene, Sakina
Pre-session on de Lange (12 - 1 pm)
8 Thursday 5/19/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Titia de Lange How Telomeres Solve the End-protection Problem
8 Friday 5/20/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Manuel Kaulich Discussion: Stephanie, Anna, Jim, Laura, Bryan, Jackie W., Brandon
Pre-session for Kirschner (12 - 1 pm)
9 Thursday 5/26/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Marc Kirschner Control of Cell Size
9 Friday 5/27/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Ben Shih Discussion: Chris W., Noah, Saralin, Chris. A., Polly, Matt, Stephanie
Pre-session for Yamada (12 - 1 pm)
10 Thursday 6/2/11 4 pm CNCB(CMG) Kenneth M. Yamada New Dimensions in Cell and Tissue Dynamics
10 Friday 6/3/11 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 - Discussion: Jenny, Jonathan, Chelsea, Jason, Bryan, Danjuma
Wrap up/Course evaluation