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Last updated: April 3, 2009
Spring 2009
BIOM 272A and 274A: Seminars in Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology

Course co-directors:
Karen Oegema, PhD. 
Binhai Zheng, Ph.D. 

Course description: 
This course will provide perspective on selected seminars representing diverse areas of modern biomedical sciences. This year's topics include molecular cell biology, genetics/genomics, stem cell biology, virology, and neurobiology. The course consists of one selected seminar on campus and one class meeting (Friday 11:00-1:00 pm, CMME 2047) per week. The Friday meetings will combine a student-led discussion of the previous week's seminar (post-session) with an introduction to the upcoming seminar by a guest lecturer (pre-session). The guest lecturer (a senior student, postdoctoral fellow or faculty member from the local research community who works on a related research topic) will introduce the upcoming seminar following a format designed to encourage student participation.

Friday meetings (post- and pre- sessions): 
Time: Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (March 27 - June 5, except for the first class, see below)
Place: CMME 2047

Schedule (subject to change): 
1) Exceptions are indicated in bold.
2) Class sessions are shaded in grey; seminars are indicated with white background.


Week Day Date Time Place Speaker Title or topic
2 Tuesday 3/31/09 11:30 am - 1 pm LBR 3A05 David Stachura Class introduction
Pre-session for Lodish
2 Thursday 4/2/09 4 pm CMG Harvey Lodish Purification and Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Based on Proteins Expressed by a Novel Stromal Cell Population
2 Friday 4/3/09 11 -1 pm CMME 2047 Kun ZhangDiscussion: Marshall Peterman and Tim O'Sullivan
Pre-session for Mikkelsen
3 Thursday 4/9/09 4 pm CMG Tarjei Mikkelsen Sequencing Epigenomes
3 Friday 4/10/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Video by HHMI Discussion: Charlie Thomas, Harihar Basnet and Chloe Rivera
Pre-session for Newmark
4 Wednesday 4/15/09 4 pm CMG Phil Newmark Germ Cell Development and Regeneration in Planarians
4 Friday 4/17/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Cory Root Discussion: Isabel Canto, Spencer Wei and Shaohe Wang
Pre-session for Wilson
5 Tuesday 4/21/09 4 pm LBR 107 Rachel Wilson Olfactory Processing in the Drosophila Brain
5 Friday 4/24/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 George Hightower Discussion: Susan Zhang, Tamara Bhandari, Artie Suckow and Anders Smith
Pre-session for Kirkegaard
6 Thursday 4/30/09 4 pm CMG Karla Kirkegaard New Lessons from Poliovirus: Dominant Drug Targets and Novel Routes of Viral Spread
6 Friday 5/1/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Carrie Louie Discussion: Andrew Borkowski, Karen Tumaneng and Emerald Butko
Pre-session on Yoder
7 Thursday 5/7/09 Noon LBR 107 Bradley Yoder Genetics of Primary Cilia
7 Friday 5/8/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Michael Dores Discussion: Stephen Cheng, Shannon Muir and Bryan Thacker
Pre-session on Simon
8 - - - - No seminar BMS Retreat Week
8 - - - - No class -
9 Thursday 5/21/09 4 pm CMG Melvin Simon G-protein Circuitry and Context Dependent Signaling
9 Friday 5/22/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Chris Putnam Discussion: William Sinko, Adam Bastidas and David Gonzalez
Pre-session for Kolodner
10 Thursday 5/28/09 4 pm CMG Richard Kolodner Dissecting the pathways that cells use to maintain the stability of their genomes
10 Friday 5/29/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Sawako Yamashiro Discussion: Mark Moyle, Navneeta Pathak and Melissa Wilbert
Pre-session for Theriot
11 Thursday 6/4/09 4 pm CMG Julie Theriot Cells on the Move: Mechanics and Motility
11 Friday 6/5/09 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 - Discussion: Shanique Young, Heather Glasgow and Anne Conway
Wrap up/Course evaluation