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Winter 2006

BIOM 272A Seminar in Molecular Cell Biology
BIOM 274A Seminar in Genetics

Course co-directors: 
Karen Oegema, PhD. 
Binhai Zheng, Ph.D.

Course description: 
This course will provide perspective on selected seminars representing diverse areas of modern biology, including molecular cell biology, genetics, cancer biology, neurobiology and microbiology. The course consists of one selected seminar (see schedule), and one additional meeting (Monday 12:15-2:00 pm) per week. Monday meetings will combine a student-led discussion of the previous week's seminar with an introduction to the upcoming seminar. Invited speakers (primarily senior students and postdoctoral fellows working on a related research topic) will introduce upcoming seminars following a format designed to encourage student participation. 

Post- and pre-session time: 
Monday 12:15 - 2:15 pm 
Leichtag (LBR) Room 2A05
* Note exceptions (January 17 and February 21, noon, Leichtag Room 3A05) 

For questions on registration, please contact Gina Butcher, email, 
phone 534-1823.


Post and pre-session Post- Session Pre-Session Seminar
Seminar series Speakers topic/area
No. Monday 12:15pm LBR 2A05 except* Note: on last week's seminar
1 01/09/06
none Binhai Zheng 01/10/06 Tue 12 noon Liebow, BSB Pharmacology Marc Tessier-Lavigne Axon guidance, regeneration and angiogenesis - Neurobiolgoy/Cancer biology
2 01/17/06 *Tue noon 3A05 Michelle Wagner Joost Monen (Oegema Lab) 01/19/06 Thu 4:00 PM CMG CMM Abby Dernburg Chromosome pairing during meiosis- Cell biology
3 01/23/06 Robert Johnston, Tony Essex Barbara Garmy-Susini (Varner Lab) 01/26/06 Thu 4:00 PM CMG CMM Judy Varner Angiogenesis and Metastasis- Cancer biology
4 01/30/06 Wendy Huang Julien Bertrand (Traver Lab) 02/01/06 Wed 4:00 PM CMG Biology Gordon Keller Hematopoietic development, stem cells - Development/Blood
5 02/06/06 Ali Torkamani Ee Tsin Wong (Wahl Lab) 02/08/06 Wed 4:00 PM CMG Biology Laura Attardi p53 tumor suppressor - Cancer biology
6 02/13/06 Nisha Marathe Anthony Beas (Farquhar Lab) 02/16/06 Thu 4:00 PM CMG CMM Suzanne Pfeffer Reguation of receptor trafficking by Rab GTPases - Cell biology
7 02/21/06 *Tue noon 3A05 Molly Bush Aaron Carlin (Nizet Lab) 02/23/06 Thu 4:00 PM CMG CMM Jeffrey Cox Biology of tuberculosis infection- Microbiology/Immunology
8 02/27/06 Laura Ruff Till Marquardt (Pfaff Lab) 03/02/06 Thu 4:00 PM CMG CMM Sam Pfaff Motor neuron development and circuitry - Neurobiology
9 03/06/06 Emi Ruiz Edmund Hollis II (Tuszynski Lab) 03/07/06 Tue 4:00 PM Leichtag 107 Neurosciences Jeffrey Macklis Development and repair of corticospinal neuron circuitry - Neurobiology
10 03/13/06 free discussion Jill Harrington (Kolodner Lab) 03/16/06 Thu 12 noon Leichtag 107 Genetics Raju Kucherlapati Mouse models of human cancer - Genetics/Genomics
11 03/20/06 back to 12:15 Justin Voog, Ohn Chow course evaluation Fred Gage's talk on adult neurogenesis on Tue 4:00 pm at CMG is optional