Research Publications

Key publications:

1. Liu Q, Waltz, W, Woodruff, G, Ouyang, J, Israel, MA, Herrera, C, Sarsoza, F, Tanzi RE, Koo, EH, Ringman, JM, Goldstein, LSB, Wagner, SL, Yuan, SH. “Effect of Potent γ-Secretase Modulator in Human Neurons Derived from Presenlin 1-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Mutant Carriers” JAMA Neurology, 2014 Dec;71(12):1481-9 

This manuscript was featured in: 
(1) Human Neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells as a new platform for preclinical drug screening and development. Liao F, Holtzman DM. JAMA Neurol. 2014 Dec; 71(12):1475-6
(2) Forget Mice—Are Human Cells better for Drug Testing? Alzforum News. Oct 11, 2014
(3) Stem Cells Help Evaluate Experimental Alzheimer’s Drugs. Wall Street Journal. Dec 28, 2015

2. Israel MA, Yuan SH, Bardy C, Reyna S, Mu Y, Herrera C, Hefferan M, Van Gopr S, Nazor KL, Boscolo FS, Carson CT, Laurent LC, Marsala M, Gage FH, Remes AM, Koo EH, Goldstein LSB. “Probing sporadic and familial Alzheimer’s disease using induced pluripotent stem cells” Nature 482, 216–220 (09 February 2012).

3. DeQuach JA, Yuan SH, Goldstein LS, Christman KL.  “Decellularized Porcine Brain Matrix for Cellular Culture and Tissue Engineering Scaffolds.” Tissue Engineering Part A. 2011 Nov;17(21-22):2583-92.

4. Yuan SH, Martin J, Elia, Flippin J, Paramban RI, Hefferan M, Vidal JG, Mu Y, Killian RL, Israel MA, Emre N, Marsala S, Marsala M, Gage FH, Goldstein LSB, Carson CT. “Cell-surface marker signatures for the isolation of neural stem cells, glia and neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells.” PLoS ONE 6(3): e17540.

5. Yuan SH, Qiu Z, Ghosh A. “TOX3 regulates calcium-dependent transcription in neurons.” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2009 Feb 24;106(8):2909-14. Epub 2009 Feb 5.

6. Reilly P, Winston CN, Baron K, Trejo M, Rockenstein E, Akers JC, Kfoury N, Diamond M, Masliah E, Rissman RA, Yuan SH.  “Novel human neuronal tau model exhibiting neurofibrillary tangles and transcellular propagation.”  Neurobiology of Disease.  In press.

Other publications:

1. Young JE, Boulanger- Weill J, Williams DA, Woodruff G, Buen F, Revilla AC, Herrera C, Israel MA, Yuan SH, Edland SD, Goldstein LSB. “Elucidating Molecular Phenotypes Caused by the SORL1 Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Risk Factor Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.”Cell Stem Cell. 2015 Apr 2;16(4):373-85.

2. Woodruff G, Young JE, Martinez FJ, Buen F, Gore A, Kinaga J, Li Z, Yuan SH, Zhang K, Goldstein LSB.  “The Presenilin-1 DE9 Mutation Results in Reduce γ-Secretase Activity, but Not Total Loss of PS1 Function, In Isogenic Human Stem Cells.” Cell Rep. 2013 Nov 13.

3. Kakinohana O, Juhasova J, Jubas S, Motlik J, Platoshyn O, Galik J, Hefferan M, Yuan SH, Vidal JG, Carson CT, van Gorp S, Goldberg D, Leerink M, Lazar P, Marsala S, Miyanohara A, Keshavarzi S, Ciacci JD, Marsala M. “Survival and differentiation of human embryonic stem cell-derived neural precursors grafted spinally in spinal ischemia-injured rats or in naïve immunosuppressed minipigs: a qualitative and quantitative study”Cell Transplant. 2012 Aug 10.

4. Ordonez MP, Roberts EA, Kidwell C, Yuan SH, Plaisted WC, Goldstein LS. “Disruption and therapeutic rescue of autophagy in a human neuronal model of Niemann Pick type C1.”  Hum Mol Genet, 2012 April 11, ePub ahead of print.

5. Dittmer S, Kovacs Z, Yuan SH, Siszler G, Koegl M, Summer H, Geerts A, Golz S, Shioda T, Methner A. “TOX3 is a neuronal survival factor that induces transcription depending on the presence of CITED1 or phosphorylated CREB in the transcriptionally active complex.” J Cell Sci. 2011 Jan 15;124(Pt 2):252-60. Epub 2010 Dec 15.

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Review Articles (invited, peer-reviewed)

1. Yuan SH, Shaner M. 2013. “Bioengineered stem cells in neural development and neurodegeneration research.” Ageing Res Rev. 2013 May 4.