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Dec 2015
Oriol joins lab!
Conrad joins lab!
Zell awarded K99 from NIH-NIDA!​
Oriol rotates!
R21 awarded from NIH-NIMH!
Shen defends Masters thesis!
Fife defends PhD thesis!
Steinkellner awarded K99 from NIH-NIA!
Warlow joins lab!
mPI R01 awarded from NIH-NINDS with Adam Aron!​
​Jones rotates!
Faget & Zell publish paper in Nature Communications!​
Steinkellner publishes paper in Journal of Clinical Investigation!​
Shenasa defends Masters thesis!​
Yoo & Zell publish paper in Nature Communications!
Yoo publishes paper in The Journal of Neuroscience!
Heston joins lab!​
Heston awarded Bumpus Foundation fellowship!
​Faget publishes paper in Cell Reports!
Souter arrives!
McPherson awarded BioPsychiatry training grant!​
UCSD FISP award to Jane Duan!​
UCSD FISP award to Gutierrez-Reed!​
McPherson joins lab!​
​Dec 2015
​Wang rotates
Nov 2015​
Senturk rotates​
Sept 2015​
Bailly graduates with Masters!​
Sept 2015​Fife begins NSF GRFP!​
August 2015​
​McClain rotates
July 2015​​Research grant awarded from TRDRP!
May 2015​Pilot award from UCSD/UCLA Diabetes Research Center!​
April 2015​Aladesuyi rotates​
​March 2015Bailly joins lab!​
January 2015​​Koblesky rotates
January 2015​Ur rotates​
January 2015​Baughn rotates​
October 2014​Steinkellner joins lab!​
October 2014​Sauvey rotates​
​September 2014Zell awarded NIDA-INSERM fellowship!​
​September 2014
Faget receives Young Investigator Award from BRF!​
September 2014​R21 awarded from NIH-NINDS!​
August 2014Zell joins lab!​
August 2014​​Lab moves to Biomedical Research Facility 2
June 2014​​Fife joins lab!
April 2014​​ Paper published with Luquet lab in Molecular Psychiatry
April 2014​Gutierrez-Reed joins lab!​
February 2014​ R01 awarded from NIH-NIDA!​
January 2014​​Fife rotates
September 2013​​Gutierrez-Reed rotates
​July 2013Yoo awarded fellowship from TRDRP!​
​May 2013Johnson arrives​
April 2013​Galinato rotates​
January 2013​​Geddes rotates
​January 2013​Faget joins lab!
​October 2012​Paper published in Journal of Neuroscience
​July 2012Yoo joins lab!​
​June 2012​Mauricio arrives!
March 2012​​Hnasko arrives!