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About the FIND Lab

Welcome to the Functional Imaging of Neurodegenerative Disorders (FIND) Lab website.  The FIND lab is located within the University of Miami.  While much of our focus is on the development and use of advanced MRI methods, we apply this knowledge to a varying number of brain disorders.

The FIND Lab was started by Dr. Fatta Nahab in 2008 and is located within the department of Neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  As our name conveys, the FIND Lab is focused on discovering the mechanisms of Neurodegenerative disorders using advanced neuroimaging techniques. 

Some of the areas that we are actively working on include:  Parkinson disease, Essential Tremor, Alzheimer’s disease and normal aging.  The laboratory is NIH-funded and has numerous collaborations across the University of Miami, while also providing clinical services to the departments of Radiology and Neurosurgery, including Functional MRI-based pre-surgical brain mapping.


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