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PoNG Summer Internship Program 2020

The PoNG Center is a collaborative research center at UCSD that combines neuroscience, cognitive science, the digital arts, and education to develop and deliver a variety of interactive, sensor-based tools and games. Our group and collaborators create video games for assessment and therapeutics often using technology for motion capture or other physiological data sensing. 

Who Do We Seek?

We seek to directly engage a group of 25 individuals who are underrepresented in the Tech workforce--individuals with developmental disorders, specifically Autism Spectrum Disorders--in an 8-week summer internship program. We expect the individuals to be high school graduates who are either preparing to enroll, are currently enrolled, or have graduated from 2- to 4-year college or post-secondary training school. Interns will receive a stipend for the 8-week program.  

What Will You Gain?

Participants will gain experience working together in small teams on a video game design project with the guidance and support of a coach. High school graduates and individuals already taking community college courses will be given the opportunity to learn the skills needed for the more rigorous demands of a university degree program. Specifically, skills related to time management, focused note-taking, and study techniques, and professor/student communication. College and post-secondary graduates will gain an opportunity to strengthen their technical skills and familiarize themselves with workplace etiquette and expectations.

Internship Objectives: 

  • Gain knowledge of standard Tech workplace practices and procedures.
  • Learn skills and become familiar with different aspects of video game design and development.
  • Develop proficiency with resume and network-building tools such as LinkedIn. 

Internship Requirements: 

It is expected that all interns engage in their assigned project on the UC San Diego campus for at least 20 hours per week for the 8-week program. This will include weekly group meetings, 3 lunch and learn events, and a final showcase event where each group presents their project.  

Who Can Apply?

Highly motivated high school graduates, college students, or recent college graduates may apply. Please note that applicants must be at least 18 years of age before the start of their internship. The two primary criteria for admission are a strong interest in video game design or development applied to a research setting, and a longstanding personal understanding of autism spectrum disorders and living with neurodiverse conditions.

Selection Process:

  1. Candidates will be selected based on qualifications and interest in the program.

  1. After all applications have been reviewed, individuals whose interests and coursework/experience match the PoNG Center internship program will be offered positions. Program directors may contact applicants first for a brief telephone or video interview prior to the final decision.

  2. Application (online): or QR Code
    • *Required - UPLOAD a resume including previous work experience and previous video game design or development experience (including independent projects, art, animation, music, etc.) 
    • Should include a 250 word essay on why you would like this opportunity and what you would like to gain out of this internship. 
    • Should include a second 250 word essay on how you think video games can enhance research. 

    **Deadline for the Internship Application is March 15th, 2020.**


About Us

Despite the characterization of social and communication deficits defining autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the earliest signs of atypical neurodevelopment are behavioral differences in attention, movement and responses to sensory stimuli. 

Our group uses EEG, eye-tracking, motion capture and behavioral testing to study attention, sensory processing and motor function in autism.

We believe studying these foundational aspects of neurodevelopment will help us better understand ASD in older children and, importantly lead to the design of novel and more effective interventions.

We work in conjunction with UCSD's Power of NeuroGaming Center (PoNG) to develop technology for the assessment and training of attention, movement, and cognition in autism, ADHD, older adult, and typically developing populations.

Research Focus

  • Investigating the neural correlates to brain based sensory abnormalities
  • Characterizing motor function across multiple domains by recording eye movement, balance and gait
  • Evaluating the distribution, control and modulation of attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Translating our research findings into novel interventions for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum

Contact Us

UCSD Research on Autism and Development
the Campus at Villa La Jolla
8950 Villa La Jolla Dr.
Suite B-216
La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone: 858-246-1932

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