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About San Diego

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Metropolitan San Diego is a Southern California city of diverse terrain and incomparable beauty.

The city and its adjoining communities cover 4,258 square miles along the Pacific Ocean between San Clemente on the north and the Mexican border on the south. Inland, San Diego is bounded by the Laguna Mountain Range with its Palomar Observatory and Lake Cuyamaca.

With a population over 2 million, San Diego is the third largest population center in California. The population within the city limits of San Diego is greater than 1 million, and San Diego is the seventh largest city in the United States.


The climate in San Diego is considered by many to be the most moderate and pleasant in the United States. Seasonal temperatures average from 55 degree in January to 73 degrees in August. Relative humidity ranges from 47 to 72% and total rainfall averages 10 inches annually.

Sports and Recreation

Aquatic sports enthusiasts can pursue sailing, surfing, swimming, water-skiing, scuba diving, and sport fishing throughout the year. Outdoor tennis, golf, volleyball, and biking are popular year-round sports. Skiing and mountain climbing are available only a few hours by car from the city. Football and baseball are major spectator sports.

Culture and Education

San Diego has many museums and art galleries, a world-famous zoo, and more than 100 developed parks and recreation areas. Educational and cultural activities are provided by 4 universities and by civic agencies such as the San Diego Opera Company, the Civic Theater, and by regular visits from drama, ballet, and music groups. The adjacent Mexican states of Baja California offer additional diverse recreational and cultural opportunities.

A Magnet for Health Sciences

San Diego’s desirable geography and climate have attracted growth over the past 30 years, and the city of San Diego has become a focal point for health sciences.

In addition, San Diego has emerged as a major center of biomedical research as a result of the development of UC San Diego, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, the Scripps Clinical Medical Institutions, and the presence of many biomedical and biotechnological institutions.

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