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Resident have about 8 months of elective time during her or his training. Up to 2 additional months may be taken as research time.

Electives include:

  1. Endovascular neurology
  2. Intra-operative monitoring
  3. Vascular neurology
  4. Neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Neuro-oncology
  6. Neuromuscular
  7. Neuropathology
  8. Neural-repair/stem cell biology
  9. Molecular neurology
  10. Headache
  11. Neuro-otology
  12. Neuroradiology
  13. Multiple sclerosis
  14. Neuro-infectious/HIV
  15. Movement disorders
  16. Senior behavioral health
  17. Medical Education

No two residents spend their elective time in the same manner. Residents also may elect work in psychiatry, neuropsychology, or neurosurgery. Elective time is flexible and can be tailored to accomplish the individual resident’s career goals. Many residents spend part of their elective time doing research. On occasion, residents do their electives at sites away from UCSD.