Neurology Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB), Large Conference Room
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Can't attend Grand Rounds? Check out the live video stream during the event (when available), or watch a video later.

See the long-term schedule below for 2019

June 2019 Schedule



TNNT1 myopathy: Bedside to Bench and Back
Chamindra Konersman, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Dept of Neurosciences, UCSD



David Piccioni, MD, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Dept of Neurosciences, UCSD
Professor Rounds - A Curious Case of Encephalopathy
Brandon Holbert, M.D.
Neurology Resident, UCSD

2019 Long-term draft schedule (subject to change)




Jan 4
Update on Migraine Trigger Point Deactivation Surgery 
Hossein Ansari, UCSD
Jan 11
Neuropathic Pain: It's All in the Head
Ronald Ellis, UCSD 
Jan 18
Professor Rounds 

Jan 25
Shake, Rattle and (Pill) Roll: The Clinical Spectrum of Tremor
Stephen Reich, U of Maryland
Feb 1
Novel Treatment of Excitatory/Inhibitory (E/I) Imbalance in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
Stuart Lipton, UCSD
Feb 8
Twists & Turns (non helical) on the Transcription Road to Oxidative Neuronal Death: Implications for Brain Protection and Repair in Neurological Diseases
Rajiv R. Ratan, Cornell
Feb 15

Feb 22
Professor Rounds
Andrew Ng, UCSD
Mar 1
Physician Burnout: Definitions, Prevalence, Risk Factors and Protective Strategies
Dawn Buse, Monetfiore
Mar 8
Neuromuscular Medicine in the “Genomic Age”: From Precision Diagnostics to Precision Therapeutics
Sarah Neuhaus, NIH
Mar 15
Brain Rhythms Inform Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease
Helen Bronte-Stewart, Stanford
Mar 22
Professor Rounds
Alison Headley, UCSD
Mar 29
NO GR - Holiday

Apr 5
Vascular Regulation of Myelination In Ischemic White Matter Disease
Jason Hinman, UCLA
Apr 12
Decreased Axon Safety Factor In Neuropsychiatric Disorders
John Huguenard, Stanford
Apr 19
Migraine Pathophysiology: A Clinical Perspective
Stewart J. Tepper, Dartmouth 
Apr 26
Professor Rounds
Patrick Chen, UCSD
May 3
Updates in Post Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus in Premature Newborns
Rawad Obeid, Thomas Jefferson U
May 10

May 17
Chronic Ambulatory Brain Recording in Parkinson's Disease
Philip Starr, SF VA
May 24
Professor Rounds
Elizabeth Murphy, UCSD
May 31
Management of Neonatal Seizures
Simon Kayyal, Baylor
Jun 7
Jun 14
TNNT1 myopathy: Bedside to Bench and Back
Chamindra Konersman, UCSD
Jun 21
David Piccioni, UCSD
Jun 28
Professor Rounds - A Curious Case of Encephalopathy
Brandon Holbert, UCSD