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The fellowship offers numerous didactic opportunities geared to enhance and supplement the clinical experience gained from the inpatient and outpatient settings. Didactics range from resident-driven case conferences to fellow-driven case reviews and landmark clinical trial discussions, which provide more context into current stroke clinical practices. The following lists the ample didactic opportunities that exist for our fellows.

Clinical Didactics

Weekly Clinical Didactics

Weekly Case Reviews - Every Thursday (1-1.5-hour duration): Stroke code cases from the previous week are chosen by the fellows and discussed amongst the stroke team (faculty, fellows, nurse practitioners) that are felt to be clinically interesting or that have important learning points. Patient management, acute stroke decision-making process, and important neuroimaging is reviewed.

Fellowship Didactic Series - Every Thursday (1-hour duration): Fellows prepare formal presentations on important topics pertaining to vascular neurology that are geared to towards preparation for the vascular neurology board examination. Stroke faculty are present during these sessions to provide feedback on presentation skills, content, and to supplement further understanding of the topic presented. 

Bi-Weekly Clinical Didactics

Landmark Clinical Trial Mentorship - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (1-hour duration): Landmark stroke literature is discussed between the fellows and a rotating faculty mentor to allow for detailed discussion and provide context of current stroke management in the inpatient and outpatient settings

Monthly Clinical Didactics

Stroke Journal Club - 2nd Thursday's of the month (1-1.5-hour duration): This is conducted jointly with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to provide diverse teaching about various recent stroke literature. Numerous articles are discussed in a "literature update" format and the fellows are required to presents their articles to the UCSD and Cedar-Sinai faculty

Stroke Resident Conference - 4th Friday's of the month (1-hour duration): Fellows will facilitate discussion of interesting and important stroke cases seen by the neurology residents. Fellows lead the session with differential diagnosis, localization, and patient management. Stroke faculty are present to provide input on nuanced localization and neuroimaging findings as well as patient management.

Multidisciplinary Neurovascular Conference - 4th Friday's of the month (1-hour duration): Fellows will facilitate discussion of interesting and important stroke cases seen by the neurology residents. These cases are more complex and involve the presence of stroke faculty as well as other various medical specialties (endovascular, neuroradiology, rheumatology, etc.). Stroke and non-stroke faculty are present to provide input on patient management.

Neurosciences Grand Rounds - Every Friday (1-hour duration): Guest speakers provide formal lectures on a variety of topics pertaining to the basic and clinical neurosciences. Both stroke faculty and fellows are present for these lectures. 

Research Didactics

Weekly Research Didactics

Research Team Meetings - Every Thursday (30-minute duration): Updates to ongoing national and local stroke clinical trials conducted within the UCSD Stroke Center are discussed alongside stroke faculty and staff. Stroke fellows specifically learn about clinical trial regulations and will be critiqued on their approach to clinical trial enrollments.

Monthly Research Didactics

Research/Lab Meetings - 3rd Thursday's of the month (1-1.5-hour duration): Fellows present and develop any ongoing research projects of their interest. Stroke faculty provide constructive feedback on fellow research projects to ensure that projects are progressing throughout the year. Faculty also provide further ideas to develop new projects, based on fellow interests.