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Movement Disorder Fellowship Program

Movement Disorder Fellowship 2020-2021

The application period for the 2020-2021 movement disorder fellowship is now closed.

Fellowship Program Director: Brenton Wright, MD 
Fellowship Program Coordinator: Priscilla Mendoza, EA

Duration & Scope of the Program

This is a 1-2 year fellowship, with clinics scheduled as below. If the fellow is interested in clinical research, a second year may be added with increased focus on research. The fellowship includes 7 to 8 half-days of clinic per week with 2 half-days for formal teaching, reading, or clinical research.

Program Goals and Objectives are to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology, etiopathogenesis and treatment of movement disorders, including medical management, botulinum toxin injections, deep brain stimulation programming and interdisciplinary management
  • Gain a general understanding in how clinical trials are structured and run
  • Maintain knowledge in general neurology
  • Gain experience and knowledge in patient care
  • Expand clinical and/or basic science research
  • View Rotation Schedule 

How To apply (2020-2021)

UCSD is a site in the Movement Disorder Fellowship (MODIF) Match Network, a computerized match conducted by SFMatch, similar to the residency matching program. SFMatch applicant registration will open on March 1, 2019. The final date for submitting rank-order lists is  September 5, 2019, 12 noon PST.

Any candidate who wishes to become a fellow at our site must do so through the match. Candidates register with SFMatch at ( and pay a $50 registration fee. Although we recognize that this is an extra step and fee in the application process, the match system provides a standardized procedure with uniform deadline and notification dates. Most importantly, the match will remove pressure on candidates to select a site prior to the opportunity to be ranked by other sites.

Participating sites are not allowed to offer a position outside the match, until after the match and Fellowship positions are left unfilled. 

We hope the MODIF Match Network will ultimately involve all North American movement disorder fellowship training programs, and have notified all known fellowship programs and invited them to participate. 

To register with SFMatch, visit and click on Movement Disorder Fellowship, then click on Login/Register at the bottom of the left panel; follow the instructions to register as a candidate, and pay the $50 fee.

You can register any time up to the deadline for submitting your rank-order list to SFMatch. SFMatch applicant registration will open on March 1, 2019. 

Rules on the match will be presented on the website. These include: 

  1. No site is allowed to ask a candidate how the candidate will rank sites, and
  2. No candidate can ask the site how that candidate will be ranked. SFMatch does allow sites to voluntarily mention to a candidate that s/he will be ranked near the top. But most sites will likely not do so until all candidates have been interviewed.
Please note all of our fellows rotate at the Veterans Affair hospital as part of their training. Since our program is a non- ACGME accredited program the VA appoints the non- ACGME fellows as Staff (not fellows). This would not be allowable on a J-1 or HB-1 Visa.