Eloquent Cortex Operative Group (ECoG)

The UCSD Eloquent Cortex Operative Group or ECoG is a highly specialized multidisciplinary group of academic clinicians dedicated to the safe removal of brain tumors and other brain lesions in critical regions of the brain known as eloquent cortex.

The eloquent cortex subserves some of the most critical tissues necessary for independent living or meaningful interaction, including motor function, speech, sensation, hearing, memory, and other functions.

The safe removal of pathological tissues in or near these regions requires cutting edge techniques such as brain mapping where electrical stimuli are introduced to the tissue of interest creating a pseudo-lesion. In an awake and compliant patient, the surgeon applies an electrical stimulus as a reversible demonstration of disrupted function. This allows the surgeons to determine what regions can and cannot be safely resected (as the edges of a lesion are not always clear).

See a video of an awake neurosurgery in the eloquent cortex.

These technically demanding cases are performed by a functional neurosurgeon in collaboration with surgical neurophysiologists, functional neuroradiologists, neuroanesthesiologists, and surgical neuropsychologists.

UCSD is the only medical center in San Diego county with the expertise to perform these surgeries in a safe fashion, and the ECoG service model is extremely rare anywhere in the world.

Team Members: