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Meet Our Residents

Aliya Frederick Aliya Frederick, MD (Chief Resident)
Hometown: Cheltenham, PA (suburb of Philadelphia)
Undergraduate education: University of Maryland Baltimore County - studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as economics. Participated in the Meyerhoff and Marc U Star scholarship programs which are designed to encourage and increase minority participation in STEM disciplines.
Medical school: MSTP at Vanderbilt University
Academic interests: general neurology, headache medicine, autism
Hobbies: traveling/weekend getaways, hanging out with the family, community service, dancing (fun fact - I was a semi professional dancer and choreographer for almost 10 years)
Aileen Tanaka Aileen Tanaka, MD (Chief Resident)
Hometown: Mililani, HI
Undergraduate education: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Medical School: University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine
Academic interests: general neurology, epilepsy
Hobbies: hiking, eating, baking, movies or game nights with friends
 Jennifer Yang Jennifer Yang, MD
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergraduate education: UC Berkeley
Medical school: University of Alabama, Birmingham
Academic interests: neuroimmunology, neurocritical care
Hobbies: going to concerts, mixing music, yoga, running, attempting various water sports, eating my way through San Diego’s finest culinary delights
 Danielle Whalen Danielle Whalen, MD
Hometown: Glendora, CA
Undergraduate education: UCLA
Medical school: Albany Medical College
Academic interests: neuromuscular, neurogenomics, multidisciplinary care
Hobbies: fine dining, international travel, reading, cardio dance, water activities
 Marie Sweat Marie Sweat, MD
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Undergraduate education: University of San Diego
Medical school: St. Louis University School of Medicine
Academic interests: undecided
Hobbies: yoga, running
 Linda Nguyen Linda Nguyen, MD, PhD
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Undergraduate education: UCLA
Medical school: West Virginia University
Academic interests: clinical and research neurology
Hobbies: traveling (always with a DSLR in hand), hiking, cooking
 Michael Castello Michael Castello, M.D., Ph.D.
Hometown: Maryland
Undergraduate education: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Medical school: Loma Linda University - graduate thesis involving neurodegeneration in Niemann-Pick type C and Alzheimer’s disease
Academic interests: clinical and research neurology with a particular interest in computational neuroscience and bioengineering
Hobbies: exploring the San Diego area, attempting to surf, writing
 Adam Kalawi Adam Kalawi, M.D.
Hometown: Anaheim Hills, CA
Undergraduate education: Chapman University
Medical school: UC Irvine
Academic interests: Still open to considerations, but Epilepsy is certainly fascinating. I would also love to work on applications of Artificial Intelligence in the medical community.
Hobbies: exploring national parks, camping, hiking throughout San Diego, kayaking on Mission Bay, building computers/tinkering with electronics, wrestling/Brazilian jiu-jitsu, spending time with my sister and her family here in San Diego, and taking trips up to Orange County to see the rest of my family!
 Hannah Openheim Hannah Oppenheim, M.D.
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Undergraduate education: UC Berkeley
Medical school: UC San Diego
Academic interests: neurodevelopmental disabilities
Hobbies: rock climbing, yoga, hiking, watching movies
 Aditi Trivedi Aditi Trivedi, M.D.
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergraduate education: UC Santa Barbara
Medical school: UC Davis School of Medicine
Academic interests: clinical education, clinical research
Hobbies: Hiking, music, dancing, playing with dogs