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Request ADRC Resources

The Shiley-Marcos ADRC is pleased to serve as a resource for all ADRD research protocols.  As one of the NIA-funded Alzheimer’s Disease Centers, it is part of our mission to support researchers by providing referrals, samples, data, expertise, and other infrastructure to support research projects investigating topics under the ADRD umbrella

As part of our mission, we are committed to supplying ADRD researchers with available resources such as:
  • De-identified data
  • Subject referrals from our well-characterized cohort and research registry
  • Tissue samples from our brain bank*
  • Biofluids such as CSF, blood, and plasma
  • iPSC cells
  • Scientific or statistical consultation
All requests will be considered by core leaders and approved by a review committee. 
Interested researchers should contact Christina Gigliotti, Ph.D. at to be appropriately triaged to the core leader that can provide additional instructions and relevant request forms. 

Requests for biosamples and brain tissue can be completed and submitted using the

SMADRC Tissue and Biosample Request Form.

*The ADRC grant (P30AG062429) covers the cost of brain donation, phenotyping, and banking. To share tissue broadly in support of collaborative research is part of our mission but can be associated with unanticipated expenses. These additional costs are recovered by a small fee. Please contact for additional details.