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Janssen JNJ-63733657ALZ2002

​Phase 2 study aiming to slow the progression of prodromal and mild Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the propagation of tauopathy. The length of the trial is up to 4.5 years. MAIN REQUIREMENTS: Age 55-80; evidence of pathological tau on a screening PET scan 

​Janssen JNJ-63733657ALZ2002
​Required Diagnosis
​Prodromal/Early Alzheimer's disease
​55 - 80 (inclusive)
​90 days screening period +  treatment period of up to 4.5 years + safety follow-up 90 days after last dose

​Lumbar Puncture
​Optional - 4 LPs (1 at screening and
3 during treatment period)
​Amyloid PET
​Tau PET
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