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Phase-1b study of Posiphen, which may have the potential to delay the onset or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease via decreased amyloid production. This study will investigate whether Posiphen is safe and tolerated. This short-term study is up to two months and will require at least five study clinic visits including a three-day stay at UCSD clinical research unit. MAIN REQUIREMENTS: Age 55-89; MMSE 17-30; diagnosis of MCI or mild Alzheimer’s disease
Please contact Nobuko Kemmotsu, Ph.D. at or (858)-246-1267 to learn more about clinical trials.

​Required Diagnosis
​Amnestic MCI or probable mild AD
​55 - 89 (inclusive)
​8 wks (42 day screening period; 3 wks of treatment period at home and 3 day in-clinic stay)
​Lumbar Puncture
​Required at screening
​Required (unless previous scan is available and approved)
​Amyloid PET
​Tau PET
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