CrazyQuant is a spot-finding tool developed by Trey Ideker while at the University of Washington. This JAVA-based applet allows the loading and quantitation of your cDNA microarray images and membranes.

Documentation and Download
This program is currently available from the Ideker laboratory at UCSD Bioengineering as a .tar.gz file.

Included in the package is the executable, as well as the complete source code. These are are distributed with absolutely no warranty. However, we hope that they are useful, and you are welcome to augment the source code yourself.

Please note: this software is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which is mandated by its use of FFTW. There is currently no documentation regarding this program as it is no longer supported. We recommend the use of Dapple, written by Jeremy Buhler. This is a fully-featured software package that at present only runs in a UNIX environment.