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Watch Dr. Ideker's talk from AACR 2018: 
Decoding patient genomes through the hierarchical pathway architecture of the cancer cell.  

Dr. Ideker speaking at SIAM 2018

Dr. Ideker and colleagues at SIAM 2018

Cancer Cell Map Initiative investigators enjoying dinner in La Jolla. (March 2018)

 Catalina Island, Two Harbors (July 2017)
Cross-Lab Retreat with Ideker, Krogan, Carter, and Mesirov Labs

Cross-Lab Retreat at Catalina Island, Two Harbors (2016)
Hannah Carter, Anne Carvunis, Billur Engin and friend. 

Cross-Lab Retreat at Catalina Island, Two Harbors (2016)
Ideker, Carter, and Krogan Labs 

Lab Retreat at Catalina Island, Two Harbors (2015)

Lab Retreat at Catalina Island, Two Harbors (2013)

Ideker Lab at La Jolla Shores (2012)

Ideker Lab at UC San Diego (2011)

Ideker Lab at UC San Diego (2010)

ICSB 2011 Heidelberg. Trey and Charlie Boone on the River Necker

ICSB 2011 Heidelberg. Trey Ideker and Charlie Boone. 

ICSB 2011 Heidelberg. Professors Biaobin Jiang, Trey Ideker, and Quan Chen.