Ideker Lab Alumni

The Ideker Laboratory has welcomed many researchers over the years -- ranging from undergraduates to research scientists. Below is a list of the lab's successful alumni and where they are now. 

*Alumni Profiles may not be up to date. Please submit updates to Ideker Admin.

Lab Alumni have received positions in . . .


  • Maya Agarwal, Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University Medical Center
  • Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor at University of California San Francisco 
  • Alex Beckett, Undergraduate Student, UC San Diego
  • Andreas Beyer, Professor, University of Cologne
  • Nam Bui, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Health Care
  • Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci, Group Leader at Technical University of Dresden 
  • Hannah Carter, Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics, UC San Diego
  • Anne Carvunis, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburg, School of Medicine 
  • Mike Daly, Orthopaedic Surgery Resident, Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program
  • Colleen J. Doherty, Assistant Professor of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, NC State University  
  • Rob DeConde,  Medical School, UC San Diego
  • Stephanie Fan, Program Manager, Computer Vision & Machine Learning, Amazon
  • Merril Gersten, Chief Sci Officer, BioLineRx, Inc. 
  • Joris van de Haar, PhD student, Netherlands Cancer Institute 
  • Cameron Hines​, Emergency Medicine Res Assist Prg, Kern Medical Center
  • Matan Hofree,  Postdoctoral Associate at Broad Institute  
  • Justin Huang, Research Investigator in Systems Biology at MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Tim HullApp Programmer/Analyst at University of Michigan
  • Eric Jaehnig, Research Associate at Baylor College of Medicine, UCSF
  • Michael Kramer, MD, PhD. Physician Scientist program at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Eunjung (Alice) Lee,  Assistant Professor, Boston Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School
  • Stina Mui Singel, MD PhD, Medical Director at Genentech 
  • Koyel Mitra, Assistant Professor, UCSD
  • Shamim Mollah (Bioinformaticist, Hospital Medical Science, Rockefeller University)
  • Dan Pekin, Undergraduate Student, UC Santa Barbara
  • Priti Talwar Ravanan, Assistant Director at Vellor Institute of Technology (VIT) University 
  • Timothy Ravasi, Associate Professor at KAUST
  • Rintaro Saito, Project Professor at Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
  • John Paul Y.C. Shen, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Dylan Skola, Graduate student, UC San Diego, Glass Lab
  • Rohith Srivas, Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University, Mike Snyder Laboratory   
  • Kai Tan, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa 
  • Kevin Thai, Graduate Student at MIT 
  • Chris Workman, Professor, Danish Technical University 
  • Timothy Yoon, Undergraduate Student, UC San Diego
  • Michael Yu, Research Professor at Toyota Technological Institute
  • Christian Zmasek, Senior Bioinformatics Engineer at J. Craig Venter Institute, Washington University in St. Louis




  • Barry Demchak, Retired
  • Mark Anderson
  • Justin Catalana, Founder of Fort Point Beer Company and Mill Valley Beerworks
  • Hoda Feizi 
  • Aude Guénolé 
  • Emre Guney
  • Kristin Klepper
  • Atanas Kamburov
  • Nerius Landys 
  • Samad Lotia
  • Colin Luo 
  • Cameron McElfresh
  • Scott McCuine 
  • David Ochoa
  • Nicholas RegentHabitat Restoration Fellow at Save The Bay
  • Peng-Liang Wang
  • Lily Wong​
  • Ailin Zhang
  • Ziran Zhang
  • Likitha Aradhyula
  • Manisha Kapasiawala, Princeton (CSBC/PS-ON Summer Research Program, Summer 2018)
  • ​​Cirara Black 
  • George Armstrong, Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, (Rotation, Fall 2018)
  • Aaron Gary, Bioinformatics Engineer
  • Simon Larsen, PhD Research Fellow, University of Southern Denmark
  • Brett Settle, Programmer, Google  

In Memoriam 

  • Dr. Ki-Young Lee ​(Assistant Professor, Ajou University, Korea)