Ideker Lab Alumni

The Ideker Laboratory has welcomed many researchers over the years -- ranging from undergraduates to research scientists. Below is a list of the lab's successful alumni and where they are now. 

Lab Alumni have received positions in . . .


Rohith Srivas, Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University 
Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor at University of California San Francisco 
Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci, Group Leader at Technical University of Dresden  
Priti Talwar Ravanan, Assistant Director at Vellor Institute of Technology (VIT) University 
Timothy Ravasi, Associate Professor at KAUST 
Kevin Thai, Graduate Student at MIT 
Kai Tan, Principal Investigator at University of Iowa 
Silpa Suthram, Bioinformation PostDoc at Standford University 
Stina Mui, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Andreas Beyer, Group Leader at BIOTEC, Dresden Technical University 
Chris Workman,  Associate Professor, Danish Technical University  
Eunjung (Alice) Lee,  Postdoctoral Fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Merril Gersten,  Postdoctoral Associate with Dr. Subramaniam's Laboratory, UC San Diego 
Matan Hofree,  Postdoctoral Associate at Broad Institute  
Rob DeConde,  Medical School, UC San Diego
Cameron Hines​, Emergency Medicine Res Assist Prg, Kern Medical Center
Anne Carvunis, University of Pittsburg, School of Medicine 


Taylor Sittler, Co-Founder at Color Genomics
​Gordon Bean, Illumnia
Menzies Chen,  Illumnia
Han-Yu Chuang, Illumina
Ryan Kelley,  Illumina
Ariel Schwartz, Synthetic Genomics 
Johannes Ruscheinski, Google
Mike Smoot, Qualcomm 
Roza Ghamari, Qualcomm
Dorothea Emig, GeneGO / Thompson Reuters
Gregory Hannum, Sequenom
Dwight Kuo, Mendel Biotechnology
Sanath Ramesh, Google
Fan Zhang
Wilbert Copeland, Celgene
Huwate (Kwat) Yeerna, Founder & CEO at Guardiome
Nicholas Regent


Craig Mak​, Editor in Chief, Cell Systems


David Ochoa
Aude Guenole
Emre Guney
Atanas Kamburov
Stephanie Fan
Justin Catalana
Samad Lotia
Maya Agarwal
Mark Anderson
Mike Daly
Hoda Feizi
Nerius Landys
Colin Luo
Scott McCuine
Peng-Liang Wang
Colleen Doherty
Eric Jaehnig
Andrew Gross
Joris van de Haar 
James Jensen
Michael Kramer
Christian Zmasek
Kristin Klepper
Tim Hull
Brian Hsu
Cameron McElfresh
Dan Pekin
Lily Wong​
Ailin Zhang
Ziran Zhang

In Memoriam

KiYoung Lee ​

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