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Sleep in the Hospital

If you've ever been an ICU patient, or had to stay overnight in an ICU, you know that ICUs are not conducive to sleep. Increasingly, studies link lack of sleep to delirium, and efforts to promote sleep can reduce delirium rates. We are very interested in careful measurement of the hospital environment, ways to measure sleep in the hospital/ICU, and ultimately ways to improve sleep and delirium in the hospital. Stuti Jaiswal leads this work.  

Here's what we've learned: 

1. Hospitals are really loud, but making them more quite might not be the answer. 

2. ICUs aren't too bright at night, they are TOO DIM during the day. 

3. Sleep is really fragmented in the hospital. 

4. Unfortunately, it doesn't like seem melatonin or Ramelteon are too helpful to reduce delirium. Also, it seems likely that sleep in the hospital is a problem for family members of ICU patients. 

Giang is an ICU nurse we work with to look at this.