COVID-19 Updates

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ICU Recovery

After an ICU admission, patients often struggle with new, significant problems in thinking, physical activity and mental health, a group of symptoms known as Post-Intensive Care Syndrome, or PICS.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly recognizing the importance of diagnosing and treating symptoms of PICS.  At UCSD, we have developed an ICU Recovery Clinic designed to do just that.  As part of Amy Bellinghausen's work in the ICU Recovery Clinic, she has focused on the ways in which lessons learned in the ICU Recovery Clinic can be used to improve the ICU environment for patients, families and providers.  One recent example was that, after patients in the ICU Recovery Clinic reported symptoms of nerve compression which started after they had undergone prone positioning (turned on their stomach to improve oxygenation), the UCSD ICU practice of proning was changed to better prevent this kind of injury.  Old and new padding strategies pictured below.