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FAQ for Study Participants

‚ÄčThank you for volunteering to be a research study volunteer! We appreciate your participation. 

Here is a list of things to know before you come: 

If you need to cancel your sleep study:

  • If you need to cancel your study, please call or email to let us know. During daytime hours, call or leave a message at (858)246-2154 or email our team at If it is the night of the study, please let us know before 7pm by calling (858) 822-2411.

What should I wear? 

  • If you are coming for an overnight sleep study, wear or bring comfortable clothes to sleep in.
  • If you are coming for an MRI study, your clothing must contain no metal. Please wear pants and a shirt that have no metal buttons or zippers, and for women please wear a bra without any underwire or metal hooks/clasps. If you have no bras without metal, then wear or bring a shirt you would feel comfortable walking down the hall from the restroom to the scanner room without a bra. 
  • During an MRI scan you will need to remove all jewelry and remove everything from any pockets, so you may want to leave these items at home if you prefer. 

Where should I park? 

  • See our Contact Us page for links to maps and directions to all of our locations. 
  • To park for a visit at the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute Building, the East Campus Point Parking Structure is right next door on Medical Center Drive. There is patient and visitor parking in this structure.
  • For parking at the Chancellor Park Sleep Clinic, turn right along building 4520 as you enter the driveway, and park in the lot. Bring your parking ticket to the clinic with you to be validated, and parking for your visit will be free. 
  • At the Radiology Imaging Laboratory in Sorrento Valley, parking is free in the lots surrounding the building.

What will happen in the morning? 

  • MRI studies are not overnight studies. Typically these studies are finished before midnight, so you will return home after the study is completed. 
  • If you are coming for an overnight sleep study, the wakeup time is typically between 5:30 and 6:00 am, and unless there are morning components to the study you are participating in, you will be free to leave after the technician has disconnected all of the monitoring equipment.
  • There are showers at the sleep laboratory. You will have electrode gel in your hair in the morning, so if you require a shower before starting your day at work or elsewhere, let the technician know and they will provide you with towels.

When do I get paid? 

  • You will be paid after you have completed the study. For an overnight study, this is typically in the morning before leaving the lab.